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Do you think the song “Pioneers Over c” by Van Der Graaf Generator could be considered filk? It’s prog rock rather than folk, but it is about the first astronauts to surpass the speed of light, who then find themselves sort of disconnected from time. I suppose it’s more like speculative fiction in song form than science fiction fandom, though. Idk, that’s why I’m asking y’all.

It is if you want it to be!  Because definitions are made up and only exist as long as they are useful to us.  I definitely thing filk is a genre doesn’t ever need to sound folk-ish, it just often does because 1) it evolved out of the 60′s folk movement and 2) it’s an easy style to write and perform in for amateur musicians.  But heck, there’s rap filk, there’s no reason there should be prog rock filk…except that prog rock typically requires at LEAST six musical instruments and electricity, and so is more conducive to staged concerts than song circles.

….but there’s plenty of filk on concert stages, with electric instruments, with the extensive arrangement, rehearsal, and setup you get in prog rock.  I saw a prog rock band at a con, and while it wasn’t billed as filk, being at a con makes you basically filk.

As for whether it’s science fiction fandom music – if you’re in the science fiction fandom, and feel like it’s relevant, and you like it, it’s science fiction fandom music.  That’s why songs about cats and Shakespeare are considered filk, even though they have heck all to do with science fiction.  They might be pretty far removed from Star Trek, but a whole bunch of people like all of those things, and that unites them.  Fandom is about the people, more than the content, in the end.

Anyway, I’d say a case can be made for calling it filk, and if you want to make that case that’s fine by me.  It’s a few steps removed from what I might suggest as some kind of archetypal filk song, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one.  It’s like how a dachshund and a wolfhound are both dogs.  They’re just very different dogs, and you just have to be aware that traits of most dogs do not necessarily apply to these dogs.  If filk had a real dictionary definition it would have a dozen subdefinitions, and one of those would probably say “songs about science fiction concepts” and that’s this!

Eureka! – The PDX Broadsides

“Eureka! Eureka!” Archimedes cried
And throughout all of history, from both far and wide
It’s a new discovery, they exclaim with pride
“Eureka! Eureka!” Science is applied! 

“Eureka!” by the PDX Broadsides, a sweet song commemorating some of the brilliant scientists who’ve made discoveries that change the shape of human knowledge.

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.

to the person who asked about lyrics to “Farewell Mother Russia”

(And yeah, I know it was forever ago, sorry we’re bad at answering messages!)

Tumblr managed to eat your ask as I was replying to it, but the gist of it was that you were wondering if we had the lyrics to “Farewell Mother Russia” by Debra Sanders and Kathy Mar, since you couldn’t find them anywhere, and couldn’t hear all the words in the recording on YouTube.

I haven’t been able to find any lyrics online – I’m sure they’re written down in a songbook somewhere, but wherever it is, it hasn’t been digitized or transcribed. (If anyone does have the lyrics lying around somewhere, please let us know!)

That said, I was able to transcribe most of the words from the online recording. There’s just one word in the chorus I can’t quite catch – if anyone knows what it is, or has any corrections to my transcription, absolutely chime in!

[ETA: correct line provided by @sci-fantasy]

I am the navigator of the Starship Enterprise,
And I am honor-bound by oath to guide her through the skies,
But greater than that honor is the pleasure that I feel
Each time I stop to realize that all my dreams are real.

Farewell Mother Russia, I rise to meet the stars
And take my balalaika song beyond the moon and mars,
Though somewhere Mother Russia is white with winter snows,
I help to forge that starry trail, and go where no man goes.

Oh I have seen an entity who tortured me with rage,
And I have known an alien plague that cursed young men with age,
But I’ve discovered joys as well, and made a friend or two,
Drunk vodka, yes, and told some tales when every trek was through.


Forgive me sweet Irina, I never learned to love,
My eyes were always turned toward the starry skies above,
But if I had another chance to do what I must do,
Beside me on the Enterprise would be no one but you.


Babylon Grease – fixomnia

Babylon Grease

Babylon Grease: The Musical

The inspiration for this bit of randomness is threefold: one, the unhealthy obsession that my childhood best friend and I had for the Travolta/Newton-John movie; two, the merging of Jeff Conaway’s career-bookends, “Keneckie” and “Zack Allen”; and three, the sudden auditory hallucination of Ambassador Delenn singing, “Appropriately Devoted to You”. After that, there was no sleep to be had until the whole thing played out. True Greasers will see there’s still a lot of territory to fill in.

The disturbing part is the number of lines that needed little filking…which says a lot about the alienation of teenagers in the 1950’s, if nothing else!

Anyway, enjoy.

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Doctor Who Theme – Another Castle & Riverside Castle

At Worldcon 75 in Helsinki, the Finnish nörttikuoro were out in force. Unreality (Helsinki), Pixel Sisters (Tampere), and the joint choirs of Another Castle (Helsinki) and Riverside Castle (Turku) all held well-attended concerts. The Worldcon members even set up their own Worldcon 75 choir, led by former Pixel Sisters leader Päivi Itäpuro. The only choir which did not hold a concert was the most filkish of them all, Filkkifriikit, since most of their members were full-time staff at the con.

Here is the Another Castle & Riverside Castle concert.

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The Creation of Ea – Benjamin Newman

Only in silence the word,
only in dark the light,
only in dying life:
bright the hawk’s flight
on the empty sky.

Sad news: Ursula K. Le Guin has passed away, at age 88.  In her memory: the epigraph from A Wizard of Earthsea, set to music by Ben Newman.

Rest in peace, lady.

One too many Mornings – Again – Mark Horning

One too many Mornings – Again

Yes, it’s a Groundhog Day Filk.

One to Many Mornings, Again
Lyrics: Mark E. Horning Dec, 2017
Music: Bob Dylan, 1963

Down the streets the folks are walkin’
And they’re gathrin’ at the park
Gone to see the groundhog,
And if he his shadow marks.
–They say it is a portent
–They say it is a sign,
–But I’m one too many mornings…
–And a thousand lives behind.

The restless morning’s shattered,
The same damn song begins,
There’s no escape, I can’t get out
And it’s yesterday again.
–I’ve tried to kill the rodent,
–And myself  – uncounted times.
–And I’m one too many mornings…
–and a thousand lives behind

Now I’ve memorized the future,
Just as long as it’s today,
Free of consequences,
They won’t remember anyway.
–The circle stands unbroken,
–Past and future, intertwined.
–I’m still one too many mornings…
–And a thousand lives behind.

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H.P. Joelcraft – Julian Velard


Nothing banishes Monday blues like discovering that a decidedly sinister, 100-year-old H. P. Lovecraft poem, entitled “Nemesis,” maps almost perfectly to the 1973 song “Piano Man” by Billy Joel.

If you already know the song, then simply reading the poem below is enough to see that the two really do match. But listening to “Nemesis“ being sung by songwriter and performer Julian Velard as he also plays “Piano Man” is one of the most unsettlingly sublime things the internet has ever produced.

Velard is no longer Velard. He’s H. P. Joelcraft, the Cthulhuman. Listen above and follow along here:


[via Birth.Movies.Death.]

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