All that is Gold – Brooks Williams

All that is gold does not glitter
All who wander are not lost
The old that is strong does not wither
Deep roots are not touched by frost

So we [dog mod and brain mod] just discovered that Brooks Williams combined Tolkien’s verse with paraphrasing from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, and the result is pretty catchy.

Lyrics available here.

(Full disclosure: when we first listened to this, the Christian aspect flew right over our heads and we went “huh, this sounds weirdly like religious music, wonder why?” We didn’t get it until we found lyrics with explanatory notes.)

Circus of Dreams – Cheshire Moon

Come One, Come all, to the carnival
Where embers and cinnamon play
Come in and wander, over and under
While paper birds sing in their cage 

Through tents in stripes of black and white
You’ll find wonders both magic and strange
Be assured if you wish to return
We’re only a wish away

“Circus of Dreams” by Cheshire Moon, about, well, a circus of dreams.

Lyrics and chords available here.

Still Catch the Tide – Seanan McGuire and friends

I never thought that I could hold you forever
Always knew deep down you’d have to go home
I can be grateful for these bright years together
And I know you miss the salt sea foam
If you hurry, you can still catch the tide, my love
If you hurry you can still catch the tide.

“Still Catch the Tide” by Talis Kimberley, performed here by Seanan McGuire with Michelle “Vixy” Dockrey, Tony Fabris, S.J. Tucker, and Amy McNally.  Lyrics are available here.

This is one of my favorite songs to sing along to when I want to be Sad About The Sea (a specific emotion that I experience with alarming regularity.)

If you want a selkie song with a happy ending, check out “The Maiden and the Selkie” by Heather Dale or “Glass Half Full of the Sea” by Benjamin Newman.

Everybody Dies – The PDX Broadsides

I love to watch my Game of Thrones – by far my favorite show
But if you haven’t seen it and know nothing like Jon Snow
I’m happy to give you some pointers
Game rules, as it were
The first thing that you really ought to know… 

“Everybody Dies” by the PDX Broadsides, a remarkably concise summary of the HBO series.

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.

Disenchanted – Cheshire Moon

You can keep my hair
I don’t need it to feel pretty
You can keep my tower
I don’t need it to be strong
I’m racing out to find the place where the sun and the moon
Have coffee when you can’t see either one at all

“Disenchanted” by Cheshire Moon, a song for all the unwilling Rapunzels out there. Lyrics and chords available here.

Come To The Garden – Lillie Blue


Come To The Garden: an original song inspired by The Adventure Zone, an actual play D&D Podcast by the McElroy Brothers (and daddy). From Magnus to Julia. Lyrics under the cut. Thank you for listening!

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Even if you’ve never heard of The Adventure Zone, please listen to this, the tune is absolutely gorgeous

Lady Moon – Talis Kimberley

Lady Moon, will you dance with me
Just once while I am mortal?
For there is no woman I would rather
Gather in my arms
And though the price of my impertinence
Be such that after just one dance –
I burn away to ashes, so I choose;
Lady Moon, tell me: what have you to lose?

“Lady Moon,” by Talis Kimberley.  I don’t know why people keep trying to date the moon, I thought Avatar taught us all that was a bad idea.

Just a Dream – Vixy & Tony

Dreams can’t hurt you, that’s what parents used to say
But they changed the world forever in New Mexico that day
No one sleeps and no one wakens, no one’s ever what they seem
And the one you thought you knew was just a dream, just a dream
Yes the one you knew was just a dream

“Just a Dream,” by Vixy and Tony, based on the short story “The Minotaur”, by Bill Kte’pi