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babylon 5

Patriot – Beth Kinderman

Oh no, I can’t believe the things I’m hearing in my voice
As it turns out, if you want power you have to give up every choice
Once I could have kept myself safe on the floor
But my shoes are too tight and I don’t dance anymore
Guess my one chance now is to turn away
And hope you can forgive me someday

This is about Londo Mollari, but I recommend it even if you haven’t watched Babylon 5, because it definitely fits a number of characters. “Patriot,” by Beth Kinderman.  Download here.

Beyond the Rim – Beth Kinderman

I’m clinging to your memory, when the light has gotten dim
So not things shall pass beyond the Rim

“Beyond the Rim,” by Beth Kinderman, “a tribute to the many people involved with Babylon 5 who have passed away long before their time.”

5 Years – Tom Smith


5 Years (Babylon 5) by Tom Smith

Hot like Ivanova and Talia,
we’re gonna Draal ya,
and then we’ll kick a little Zathras.

Yesterday all the Narns were freed
but there’s still something keeping hold on Centauri.

We’ll get a room on Z’ha’dum,
the ship’ll zoom and then go BOOM (shakalaka)
‘cos there’s always one tomorrow.

Oh Garibaldi – Echo’s Children

I try not to post too much that doesn’t make sense out of context…but I also feel like I have an obligation to keep the Babylon 5 fandom alive.

Song for purchase and lyrics here

Bested – Echo’s Children

“Bested,” by Echo’s Children

If you know Babylon 5, you know the title is clever.

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