One too many Mornings – Again – Mark Horning

One too many Mornings – Again

Yes, it’s a Groundhog Day Filk.

One to Many Mornings, Again
Lyrics: Mark E. Horning Dec, 2017
Music: Bob Dylan, 1963

Down the streets the folks are walkin’
And they’re gathrin’ at the park
Gone to see the groundhog,
And if he his shadow marks.
–They say it is a portent
–They say it is a sign,
–But I’m one too many mornings…
–And a thousand lives behind.

The restless morning’s shattered,
The same damn song begins,
There’s no escape, I can’t get out
And it’s yesterday again.
–I’ve tried to kill the rodent,
–And myself  – uncounted times.
–And I’m one too many mornings…
–and a thousand lives behind

Now I’ve memorized the future,
Just as long as it’s today,
Free of consequences,
They won’t remember anyway.
–The circle stands unbroken,
–Past and future, intertwined.
–I’m still one too many mornings…
–And a thousand lives behind.

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The Force On Our Side – Nat Elster


I started writing this a month or so after The Force Awakens came out and didn’t finish it until now. Whoops. At least I got it done before Episode VII hits theaters?

As always, if anyone with actual musical talent wants to record this, I’d be very, very grateful.

To be sung to the tune of “With God on Our Side” by Bob Dylan.

Oh I once was a princess
But my lands are long gone
The planet I came from
Was called Alderaan
I was taught and was raised there
To rule it with pride
With justice and kindness,
The Force on our side

The Empire was unjust
And so I rebelled
But the Empire caught me
Had me tortured and held
Still I told them nothing
And as Alderaan cried
I clung to the knowledge
Of the Force on my side

I learned it much later,
My torturer then
He’d once been my father
Once been a good man
A Jedi of power
Who they’d prophesized
Would bring cosmic balance
The Force on his side

I have a twin brother,
They split us at birth
And hid him away on
A dry barren earth
But his destiny found him
And his childhood died
To his fate he departed
The Force on his side

We took on the empire
And against them we won
I took on a husband
And we had a son
I held him close to me
And as he opened his eyes
I saw a bright future
The Force on our side

But my son he grew older
And grew angry, afraid
The darkness seduced him,
The light he betrayed
Like my father before him
He kills and he tries
To smother all goodness
Bend the Force to his side

I’ve felt my love slaughtered
Struck down by our son
I’ve felt so many dying
A whole system gone
My brother has left me
He stares at the tides
In search of some answer
From the Force on his side

But me, I’m still standing
I’m here fighting still
Though I stand alone now;
Fear I always will
I’ve seen planets crumble
I’ve watched empires fall
And I have to wonder
If there’s a light side at all