Superheroes Are People Too – The PDX Broadsides

Superheroes are people, too
Give those guys the same respect they give to me and you
Let them have some privacy when the day is through
Because superheroes are people, too

Wonder Woman can shower on her own
Stop asking Catwoman if she will “crack your whip”
Zatanna can wear pants if she wants to
A telephoto lens is not a relationship… Peter Parker 

“Superheroes Are People, Too,” an important PSA from the PDX Broadsides.

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.

The Girl Who Waited – The PDX Broadsides

I don’t need you to rescue me
I just need you to care
I’d like to think you think of me out there
You were my companion
Just as much as I was yours
I was the girl who waited…
I’m not waiting any more 

“The Girl Who Waited” by the PDX Broadsides, a message from Amy Pond to the Doctor.

Lyrics available on bandcamp.

Everybody Dies – The PDX Broadsides

I love to watch my Game of Thrones – by far my favorite show
But if you haven’t seen it and know nothing like Jon Snow
I’m happy to give you some pointers
Game rules, as it were
The first thing that you really ought to know… 

“Everybody Dies” by the PDX Broadsides, a remarkably concise summary of the HBO series.

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.