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kathy mar

Shapeshifter – Kathy Mar

Shapeshifter, the wind holds your story
The earth and the stone and the sun feel the glory
Shapeshifter, how could you imagine
The humble enchantment of land meeting soul

“Shapeshifter,” by Kathy Mar

Everybody’s Moonbase – Joel Polowin

“Everybody’s Moonbase,” a very insincere parody of Kathy Mar’s very sincere “Everybody’s Moon.”

Everybody’s Moon – Kathy Mar

Shine on, everybody’s moon, up everybody’s sky

Down everybody’s heart

Shine on everybody’s dreams, no matter where they fly

Watch over what they start

Dry up everybody’s tears, you know no one else can

And somebody ought to

Kind of work on keeping things together

Til we figure what to do

“Everybody’s Moon,” by Kathy Mar

Man of War – Kathy Mar

They say we are bloodless, that we’re nothing but machines
But still they beg to hire us when they have the means

I am no soldier, I’m a man of war

A Dorsai song, “Man of War” by Kathy Mar

Demon in the Dark – Kathy Mar

I cry for the lost broken children
I weep for the last dying spark
And if only you could weep for the children
You would not call me demon in the dark

“Demon in the Dark,” by Kathy Mar.  I don’t really know what this is about, besides killing children, but I like it.  The song.  Not killing children.  I swear.

Farewell, Mother Russia – Debra Sanders & Kathy Mar

“Farewell, Mother Russia,” a song for Pavel Chekov, by Debra Sanders and Kathy Mar (I don’t actually know who’s singing it here, though there’s a list of people it could be on the youtube page)

Give My Children Wings – Kathy Mar

“Give My Children Wings,” by Kathy Mar

Lyrics here, chords available if you buy her recordings

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