What is filk?

Hard question.

Easy answer: the folk music of the science fiction fandom.

Thing is, it doesn’t always sound like folk music, and it’s not even close to all about science fiction.  We’ve got singers and rappers, guitarists and accordion players, keyboardists and bodhran-wielders.  We’ll take sad songs about space and ballads from the back pages of Mercedes Lackey novels, songs that are strings of innuendo based on Star Trek, songs about gaming, politics, Shakespeare, Kipling, cats, escapism.  Songs to the tune of one song, referencing three more songs, making jokes about a sci-fi convention that happened back in the 60’s and speculating about the future of space travel.

It’s music fit for Dothraki; it takes what it likes and goes where it will–but it has also become the bardic historian of fandom, and it’s one of the most inclusive and accepting musical traditions of Western civilization.
We want you, your three banjo chords, and your truth.  And by “truth,” we mean excess emotions about comic books.

This blog aims to educate the uninitiated, bring new music to enthusiasts, and promote anyone who wants to be promoted.