What we post

Filk, obviously.

What qualifies as filk?

Anything written by somebody associated with the filk community is filk, even if it’s about a topic as removed from sci-fi/fantasy as possible, no questions asked.

The idea of “found filk” is a bit harder to define.  There are hundreds of artists who have written songs about space travel and aliens without ever having heard of filk, and hundreds of traditional folk songs dealing with elves and demons.  Anything tangentially relevant to nerd culture, from Star Trek to the SCA, is fair game, whether it came from mainstream pop, folk, wrock, nerdcore, or what have you.

Note: there’s a strong tradition of taking metaphorical images in pop music and turning them into filk just by performing them in a filk context, encouraging people to think of the metaphors as literal.  By this, I mean that Niki Minaj’s “Starships” is 100% filk, and you’re not going to convince me otherwise.

The one thing we’re going to try to stay away from is stretching the definition of found filk to include songs that aren’t really overtly about sci-fi/fantasy or otherwise fannish topics, even if they make you really sad if you listen to them while thinking about any given character.  That doesn’t mean it’ll never happen (We’re going to get this out of our systems now: you should all go listen to “The Falcon” by Richard Farina and Mimi Baez and think about Cassandra Cain just about anyone).  There’s enough good filk in the world that we don’t need to go around posting character playlist fodder.

More than anything, we want your music.  No matter what it sounds like, no matter how poorly recorded it was on your laptop microphone, no matter how self-conscious you are about your singing voice.  Bonus points if you write out your lyrics and chords for us so we can sing your song to the world.  Heck, I’ll take your half-finished lyrics looking for someone to help with the rhyme scheme, your poetry in need of a tune.  It’s about community.

Along with the music, there will be bits of filk and fandom history, information about local filksings and conventions, resources, places to buy music, and anything else that seems interesting.