Babylon Grease – fixomnia

Babylon Grease

Babylon Grease: The Musical

The inspiration for this bit of randomness is threefold: one, the unhealthy obsession that my childhood best friend and I had for the Travolta/Newton-John movie; two, the merging of Jeff Conaway’s career-bookends, “Keneckie” and “Zack Allen”; and three, the sudden auditory hallucination of Ambassador Delenn singing, “Appropriately Devoted to You”. After that, there was no sleep to be had until the whole thing played out. True Greasers will see there’s still a lot of territory to fill in.

The disturbing part is the number of lines that needed little filking…which says a lot about the alienation of teenagers in the 1950’s, if nothing else!

Anyway, enjoy.

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Knights of the Round Station – fixomnia-scribble

Filk dump.


With thanks to the Monty Python crew…or apologies…

We’re knights of the round station,
We welcome every nation
We work for peace and liberty
Despite our reputation.
We live well here on Babylon,
Even with all the rabble on.

We’re knights of the round station,
We’ve plenty a mutation
Which helps a bit when given scripts
That stretch imagination.
We’re all alert on Babylon:
We sleep with our communicators


(“Go ahead, C&C”)

In war we’re fair and prudent
If but a tad impudent
Between our quests we entertain guests
And scan them though we shouldn’t.
It’s a busy life on Babylon,
Lucky us, we’ve got Sheridan…