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Hi! Sorry if this is a stupid question, but do you think poetry could be considered filk too? Because I wanna try writing some filk stuff, but I’m terrible with music, and even changing the lyrics of already existing songs so that it still works with the music seems like a bit too big challenge to me (especially in English, since it’s not my first language), but I can write poems. Not very good poems, I have to admit that, but poems anyway.

Definitely!  I’ve heard a few people read poetry at filk events.  Sometimes it’s a song they don’t feel confident enough to sing but want to share anyway, and sometimes because they found or wrote a very filkish poem that was never intended to be sung.

Go forth!  Write things!!  And there’s always a chance that someone else will be able to set something you write to music later!



today (friday aug 4 2017), bandcamp is donating 100% of their proceeds to the transgender law center [link: x].

this applies to all proceeds, regardless of whether or not the artist is trans themselves, but you should still take this opportunity to support trans artists – here’s the transgender tag [x], here’s the trans tag [x], and here’s the transcore tag [x], if you wanna look around. or you can go by my (impeccable) taste! i suggest picking up

  • together not together by winter sisters [x]
  • god forbid anyone look me in the eye by two steps on the water [x
  • the magic fountain LP by the magic fountain [x
  • soft hits by ashby and the oceanns [x]
  • uncertain transitions by wren, like the bird [x]
  • girl particular by bella trout [x]
  • VEIL by lich [x]
  • body trauma by naive sense[x]
  • undertaker by disemballerina[x]
  • as i am by mya byrne 
  • from rotting fantasylands by lauren bousfield 
  • the long lost art of getting lost by a stick and a stone [x]

It’s a good day to stock up on some Alexander James Adams!

I just noticed we got 25 NEW FOLLOWERS in the past WEEK which is huge for a pretty small blog, especially considering…we haven’t posted much at all recently.  So welcome, I’ve loaded the queue for a while in all of your honor, here’s hoping we can keep it up!
Feel free to bother us with “why haven’t you posted x yet” or “do you know any songs about y!”  Sometimes we need to be poked.

hello! if you don't mind, would you know of any non-white filkers? thank you!


Unfortunately not very many, but a few!  Sorry this took me like a week to get back to you; I had to consult with @animatedamerican and…I was avoiding my responsibilities, to be honest (yes, there’s a point at which tumblr messages count as “responsibilities,” somehow).
But I can point you towards Terence Chua, whose niche seems to be songs about Lovecraft to the tune of ABBA, and
Errol Elumir, half of Debs & Errol, Debbie Ohi, the flutist (and sometimes propsmaster) of Urban Tapestry, also a children’s book author, and Ariel “Abbie” Cinii, who I unfortunately can’t find any recordings of, so here’s her blog, but she did win a Pegasus Award and is also a writer.
I know there are more, because I’ve run into a few and not gotten their names, so if anyone knows any more please send suggestions!  Even if it’s just “hello I am not white and into filk but don’t really perform” because that’s still filking and I want people to make friends.

xpost from my mainblog because it’s relevant, and because there’s a much better chance of me tracking down more Filkers of Color over here

Virtual Folksing


Tomorrow January 22nd–time tba but probably mid-to-late afternoon Central? My voice is a little scratchy so I need to give it time to warm up.
Tell your friends!

If you haven’t been involved in this in the past, what’ll happen is that @scribefindegil will post a link to a livestream when it goes online, and you can tune in a listen, sing along, and request songs.  She knows a ton of filk and folk and has an amazing voice, so I highly recommend it!

What I don’t see much of is kids in college or just out of college doing it. Maybe they’ve moved on to anime.

Frank Hayes, interviewed about filk music by Alanna Nash
This is hilarious to me (despite being one of the sad truths of Filk These Days), because on one hand I think the (to my mind, at this point artificial) divide between science fiction and anime actually has distanced older fans from younger ones, and on the other hand it recalls the joke that never gets old, pointing at any given thing and saying “is that anime”

Thank you for making this! We (the two of us who 'run' this blog) grew up filking and honestly finding others who love it makes us so happy! Thank you!

I’m VERY glad, and because you have said this I am now going to get off my ass and queue some more things.
(honestly people saying nice things 100% keeps this blog running, since filk is such a small community I can’t rely on notes to see if people care, they gotta tell me – and EVERY time I am SO happy, it is so NICE gosh I love people)

So I’m kinda new to the filk community…I’ve been listening to Seanan McGuire’s works for a year and a half now, and I just started listening to Vixy and Tony. I’ve heard some Talis Kimberly and Heather Dale, but that’s about it. Do you have any recommendations for other filk artists, similar to Seanan McGuire and Vixy and Tony? And do you know where I would go to find more filk music? Thank you!!!

I am SO sorry I left this message sitting here for…over a month because I am lazy and bad at blogging.  Honestly the reason I let this whole blog go fallow for months at a time is I sometimes have trouble answering the question of where to find new filk myself D:

…but I do at least have some advice.  One of the most popular online platforms for filk is Bandcamp, though unfortunately the “filk” tag there seems to be split between actual filk and people using the word either as a nonsense sound or as not English.  Poke around in the filk tag, or the “geek” and “nerd” tags for a while and you’ll at least find something.  There’s some on Soundcloud, too, but the organization is, if anything, worse.

There’s a bunch on YouTube as well – mostly older releases (lots of Leslie Fish) and live recordings from cons, which are always worth looking at, even if the sound quality is usually lousy.
A handful of filkers have personal websites, but usually the only way to find out about those is for someone to tell you, unfortunately.

And the best way to find people who can tell you is to go somewhere where the filk is LIVE!  I highly recommend any filk convention, but unless you get lucky that’ll involve a bit of travelling – there’s a list of them here.  There are also plenty of cons-at-which-filk-happens.  Stay away from newer cons, and anything specializing in comics or anime.  You want the (usually small) sci-fi and fantasy conventions that have been around since at least the 80′s (or Dragoncon, which has everything).  Check out the official musical guests (most cons, old and new, have music of some kind) – and see if you can find any info about after-hours room parties.  That’s when the good shit happens.

There are a decent number of people who host regular filk circles in their homes, but again, they can be infuriatingly well-hidden.  I know there are regular events in southern California and Minnesota, so they’ve got to happen other places.  If you find one, don’t worry about not knowing anyone there; they’re all a bunch of old nerds who will be delighted and a little baffled to see new people.

Good places to keep an eye on for filk news and new music are the Facebook pages “Filker” and “F is for Filker”.  They’re closed groups just to cut down on spam, but just send the admins a message saying you’re interested in getting involved with the community and they’ll be happy to let you in.  If you make a post in either of those asking “are there any filk things happening soon near [x-place]” I’m sure you’ll get something!


Based on your interests, I think you should definitely start by checking out old Heather Alexander recordings, especially of Mercedes Lackey songs – start with the “Magic, Moondust, and Melancholy” album; it’s all on YouTube.

SJ Tucker is probably also up your alley, as might be Cheshire Moon and Leslie Hudson

Beth Kinderman is one of my personal favorites who I don’t think is nearly well-known enough

That should keep you busy for a while, but I invite anyone to add more recommendations and/or advice!!  Because honestly I need it too.



Hey people!  Last week, you may have been aware, @scribefindegil did a sort of virtual singalong, livestreaming herself singing folksongs with the idea that people could either listen or look up the lyrics and sing along wherever they were.  Because it’s really hard to get a bunch of people in one room together to sing anything, and it’s much easier to get people to be on the internet.
Well now it’s MY TURN.  Tomorrow starting at 4 PM Pacific Standard Time (an hour later than Araxie did it, because I’ve got things to do) and going as long as people are interested, I will have my guitar and be there for you to request songs from, hopefully with a half-decent microphone, but I make no promises.
Why?  Because I like singing, and it’s better with people, and the world is pretty fucked up right now, and singing is good and pure.  I’ll post a link to the stream when it’s ready, so stay tuned.