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Since we seem to be on a Kipling kick lately:

The Four Angels Lyrics: Rudyard Kipling, 1905

Music: Mark Horning, 2005

Recorded live in Concert at CopperCon 34

The Four Angels

via @rocket-song-acoustic: Kipling and 12-string guitar.  For some reason I can’t play this one without thinking of Seanan’s Toby Daye series.

“The Fairies’ Siege,” words by Rudyard Kipling, music and performance by Mark Horning
The Fairies Siege

Legacy of Legends – Mark Horning

“Legacy of Legends,” by Mark Horning, written in memorial for Gene Cernan who passed away on Monday 16 January, 2017.  The last man on the moon is with us no more.

Another year goes by,
Another hero fades away.
Another Living Legend,
From a brighter future day…
–When hope rose up on flaming wing
–And dreams were forged of steel
–And the men who strode the heavens
–Were very, very, real…

Four Stars – Mark Horning

The news has been full of reports lately that 80% of North Americans can no longer see the Milky Way due to light pollution.  Can. not. even. SEE. the. MILKY. WAY!  So, while this is a couple years old, it’s still depressingly on topic:

She grew up in the city. It’s the only life she knows,
Surrounded by glass buildings, and the neon city’s glow.
And the only stars she’s ever seen were on the picture show…

Concert Set from BayCon 2016 – Mark Horning

Concert Set from BayCon 2016

Vocals and Guitar: Mark E. Horning.
Videography: Christine Tillman
Soundboard: Kristoph Klover

Roll On Sojoner © Mark Horning
Modern Myths © Mark Horning
Undiscovered Country © Mark Horning
Dreams of Dragons © Mark Horning
Last © Mark Horning
Bound…no More © Mark Horning
It Doesn’t Matter Anymore © Larry Warner

The theme for the 2016 BayCon was “It’s all about Space”

(since I’ll be updating even more sporadically than usual, how about a whole concert?)

Dreams of Dragons – Mark Horning

And who here has never dreamed of dragons?
Who here has never dreamed of stars?
Well we might be dreaming still, but there’s a fire oe’r the hill
And a red Dragon has set her sights on Mars

Something new, inspired by the SpaceX announcement that they were planning to send a Dragon Capsule to Mars, “Dreams of Dragons,” by Mark Horning

I have always thought that it must be a terrible burden to be Eugene Cernan.  Who wants to be known as the LAST man on the moon?

Armstrong and Aldrin, heroes of yore,
Doing something never been done before.
But I would honor,
Cernan and Schmitt,
The very last people to journey that trip.

LAST – Mark Horning

The Undiscovered Country – Mark Horning

“30 years after Challenger, perhaps we ought to contemplate on why we seek new heights.”

“The Undiscovered Country,” by Mark Horning

Christmas in India – Mark Horning

   And at Home they’re making merry ‘neath the white and scarlet berry –
What part have India’s exiles in their mirth?

A belated Christmas present – Mark Horning performing his version of Kipling’s “Christmas in India” at the last Phoenix housefilk

BayCon 2015 Filk Concert – Raw footage

Raw footage from my concert slot at BayCon 2015.


Thanks so much for the submission, and I recommend everyone check out Mark’s YouTube channel for more (some of his songs and a few by Fish)

Space Ship One – Mark Horning

It’s rare to find a wholly optimistic space song these days, but it seems there’s hope in commercial spaceflight (a filk circle at OVFF last year got derailed for five minutes while a few people excitedly traded the latest developments in the field and nobody complained)

lyrics and chords available in the FilKONtario 24 songbook

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