One too many Mornings – Again – Mark Horning

One too many Mornings – Again

Yes, it’s a Groundhog Day Filk.

One to Many Mornings, Again
Lyrics: Mark E. Horning Dec, 2017
Music: Bob Dylan, 1963

Down the streets the folks are walkin’
And they’re gathrin’ at the park
Gone to see the groundhog,
And if he his shadow marks.
–They say it is a portent
–They say it is a sign,
–But I’m one too many mornings…
–And a thousand lives behind.

The restless morning’s shattered,
The same damn song begins,
There’s no escape, I can’t get out
And it’s yesterday again.
–I’ve tried to kill the rodent,
–And myself  – uncounted times.
–And I’m one too many mornings…
–and a thousand lives behind

Now I’ve memorized the future,
Just as long as it’s today,
Free of consequences,
They won’t remember anyway.
–The circle stands unbroken,
–Past and future, intertwined.
–I’m still one too many mornings…
–And a thousand lives behind.

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Legacy of Legends – Mark Horning

“Legacy of Legends,” by Mark Horning, written in memorial for Gene Cernan who passed away on Monday 16 January, 2017.  The last man on the moon is with us no more.

Another year goes by,
Another hero fades away.
Another Living Legend,
From a brighter future day…
–When hope rose up on flaming wing
–And dreams were forged of steel
–And the men who strode the heavens
–Were very, very, real…

Four Stars – Mark Horning

The news has been full of reports lately that 80% of North Americans can no longer see the Milky Way due to light pollution.  Can. not. even. SEE. the. MILKY. WAY!  So, while this is a couple years old, it’s still depressingly on topic:

She grew up in the city. It’s the only life she knows,
Surrounded by glass buildings, and the neon city’s glow.
And the only stars she’s ever seen were on the picture show…

Concert Set from BayCon 2016 – Mark Horning

Concert Set from BayCon 2016
Vocals and Guitar: Mark E. Horning.
Videography: Christine Tillman
Soundboard: Kristoph Klover
Roll On Sojoner © Mark Horning
Modern Myths © Mark Horning
Undiscovered Country © Mark Horning
Dreams of Dragons © Mark Horning
Last © Mark Horning
Bound…no More © Mark Horning
It Doesn’t Matter Anymore © Larry Warner
The theme for the 2016 BayCon was “It’s all about Space”

(since I’ll be updating even more sporadically than usual, how about a whole concert?)

Dreams of Dragons – Mark Horning

And who here has never dreamed of dragons?
Who here has never dreamed of stars?
Well we might be dreaming still, but there’s a fire oe’r the hill
And a red Dragon has set her sights on Mars

Something new, inspired by the SpaceX announcement that they were planning to send a Dragon Capsule to Mars, “Dreams of Dragons,” by Mark Horning