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For space is wide and good friends are too few


A parody of “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee” from Grease, inspired by a protest sign. (Some of the lyrics may still see some tweaking, but it gets the idea across.)

Shoutout to Merav, who helped unstick me with an awesome lyric suggestion. ❤️

Look at Me, Like Susan B

Mandolin Holy Man -S. J. Tucker

METRO into Washington
Gonna rock the national phallus down
Drumming at the White House in the rain
And we won’t let up until they let us in
Me and the mandolin holy man

“Mandolin Holy Man,” a protest song by S.J. Tucker.  Not about the most recent march, but in the same vein.

Lyrics and chords available here

Soul Stealers – The Dehorn Crew

And now you know why your daddy drank
And why his hair turned gray
And why your mum so seldom laughed
And why they could not play

“Soul Stealers,” by the Dehorn Crew.  This was attributed to Leslie Fish by the uploader on YouTube, but a comment corrected it.  This is Fish’s band, but the lead singer, writer, and banjo is Kathleen Taylor, with Carol Shuttleworth on high harmony.

Make This Timeline Brighter (Demo) – Araxie Haldane


A rough demo of the hope song I’ve been trying to write since November 8th.


So here we are. It’s come to this.
The darkest timeline’s where we’re living.
I know it’s hard to carry on
And take the world that we’ve been given.

But we’re still here. And we’re still fighting
With our hands, our words, our hearts
In little ways, through darkened days.
This is where the future starts.

So make this timeline brighter.
Make this timeline brighter.
Make this timeline brighter.
From today.

I know that I can’t save the world
But I will save the things I can.
In start and fits, the timeline splits
Every time we take a stand.

We make this timeline brighter.
Make this timeline brighter.
Make this timeline brighter.
From today.

So help the ones who need your helping
Lend your voices to their song
And small and slow the world starts changing
Though the work is hard and long

We’ll make this timeline brighter.
Make this timeline brighter.
Make this timeline brighter.
From today.

Virtual Folksing


Tomorrow January 22nd–time tba but probably mid-to-late afternoon Central? My voice is a little scratchy so I need to give it time to warm up.

Tell your friends!

If you haven’t been involved in this in the past, what’ll happen is that @scribefindegil will post a link to a livestream when it goes online, and you can tune in a listen, sing along, and request songs.  She knows a ton of filk and folk and has an amazing voice, so I highly recommend it!

We used to sail to R’lyeh; that’s where we put ashore
We used to sail to R’lyeh; we did but we don’t anymore
A lass there wanted an Elder Thing; we had some of those on board
Cthulu, she wanted? A Deep One she got!
That’s why we don’t sail there no more…

Check out the Misbehavin’ Maidens on Bandcamp

Support the Misbehavin’ Maidens’ 2nd album Kickstarter through Feb. 2, 2017

Don’t Sail There No More

Legacy of Legends – Mark Horning

“Legacy of Legends,” by Mark Horning, written in memorial for Gene Cernan who passed away on Monday 16 January, 2017.  The last man on the moon is with us no more.

Another year goes by,
Another hero fades away.
Another Living Legend,
From a brighter future day…
–When hope rose up on flaming wing
–And dreams were forged of steel
–And the men who strode the heavens
–Were very, very, real…

Battle Raven – Catt Kingsgrave


(Murder Ballads)

Now seems like a good time to make this anthem available to all who need it.  Free to download, free to learn.  free to sing in any street or battlefield where it seems to be needed.

Battle Raven
By Catt Kingsgrave – 1993

I am one sword out of many, I am one face out of three
The Maiden, Crone, and Mother live united within me
For I am woman’s fury, and her honour and her pain
And before this day is over, oh, the blood shall fall like rain!

Bring me thunder, bring me steel, bring me coat of iron mail
Bring me diamond hardened will and let my courage never fail.
Bring the Lightning to my sword; lashing, living in my hand
And bring warning to the horde that here, the Battle Raven stands.

I am wind and rain and fire, I am venom, blood, and tears.
I can raise a fury higher than the worst of mortal fears
I am woman for the women and the children and the home
I will raise my cry in battle with an army – or alone!

When the Raven stands to battle, I will heed no pleading word
I will grant no foeman quarter; fallen men raise not the sword.
For I know no rules of warring; this is not some bloody game
This is kill, or die in trying, ‘cause your foe will do the same!

I will sing to bring the thunder crashing down from out the sky
And I’ll sing to light the souls of all the warriors soon to die
And I will sing in battle, bloody songs of power and pain
And I will sing tonight for War to never come again.

307 Ale – Tom Smith

Three-Oh-Seven Ale, me lads, Three-Oh-Seven Ale,
The finest drink that any bar has ever had for sale,
It’ll lay your whole damn world to waste, it’ll make you fit and hale,
There’s nothing that you’ll ever taste like Three-Oh-Seven Ale, me lads,
Three-Oh-Seven Ale.

“307 Ale” is about beer brewed in a tesseract and was inspired by a licence plate that read 307 ALE.  If you happen to have a license number 307 ALE, Tom Smith will send you a free CD.

Rocket Ride – Tom Smith

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
Nothing worth doing that I haven’t tried.
There ain’t no living on planetside,
Come on with me, baby, on a rocket ride.

“Rocket Ride,” which Tom Smith wrote in a Hyatt food court before his concert at MarsCon 1994, inspired by the con’s theme for the year, which was “Retro SF.”

The Collars – Escape Key

And the tales of our creations never change with what we tell
How we dream of something better than ourselves

“The Collars,” by Escape Key.  “We all want a better life for our children” gets tricky when your child is an illegally constructed artificial intelligence.  Based on a short story by Matthew Dockrey, the singer’s husband, but the song stands alone well.

What I don’t see much of is kids in college or just out of college doing it. Maybe they’ve moved on to anime.

Frank Hayes, interviewed about filk music by Alanna Nash

This is hilarious to me (despite being one of the sad truths of Filk These Days), because on one hand I think the (to my mind, at this point artificial) divide between science fiction and anime actually has distanced older fans from younger ones, and on the other hand it recalls the joke that never gets old, pointing at any given thing and saying “is that anime”

Wait for the Sun to Be Born – Ben Newman

Dark and cold, dark and cold
The Sun he has perished as ever of old,
And here in the darkness that never knows morn,
We wait for the sun to be born.

“Wait for the Sun to Be Born,” by Ben Newman, downloaded from his website, with lyrics and chords available here.


Starseer – Ben Newman

Out in the dark at the edge of the system,
Drifting along where the comets spin cold,
One frozen planetoid, one lonely victim;
Try to remember the lies you were told…
“If you wish on a star you shall never grow old…”

A cryptic space song on the level of “Ship of Stone,” “Starseer,” by Ben Newman, downloaded from his website, with lyrics and chords available here.

A Long Way From Home – Ben Newman

You’re a long way from home, such a long road you’ve traveled,
And while you were away, many years went by…
So feel free to roam, for the world cannot hold you.
Maybe you’ll be the one who will teach us to fly…

“A Long Way From Home,” an oddly cheerful song about temporal distortion by Ben Newman, downloaded from his website, with lyrics and chords available here.


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