Sing Along Chorus – Mary Crowell and friends

Sing Along Chorus


Sing Along Chorus by Mary Crowell performed by the following folks!


Sopranos: Morva Bowman Mary Crowell Jen Midkiff Kat Morrison

Altos: Erin Bellavia Mary Crowell Anna O’Connell Kamilla White

Tenors: Rand Bellavia Christopher Ellman Hans Helsson Alan Pollard

Basses: Simon Crowell Eric Distad James Mahaffey


Violins: Sunnie Larsen Amy McNally Kamilla White

Wind Players: Clarinet, Mary Crowell Trumpet, Kat Morrison

Keyboard: Mary Crowell

Bass: James Mahaffey

Yes, “Sing Along Chorus” is the title of the song. A whole lot of awesome folks joined in for this one; well worth a watch.

This Side of the Knife – Seanan McGuire and Dead Sexy

This side of the knife
When I was fool enough to wonder
Asked what I should not have asked
Called down rain and called down thunder

“This Side of the Knife,” a wonderfully dark and cryptic song by Talis Kimberley. This version was performed at MarCon by Seanan McGuire and Dead Sexy (Seanan McGuire, Amy McNally, Brenda Sutton, Teresa Powell, Dr. Mary Crowell, & Bill Sutton) with the fabulous Judi Miller providing ASL interpretation.

Talis Kimberley has described this song as a companion story to Crazy Man Michael, which doesn’t necessarily make it any less cryptic, but definitely provides some context.

Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour – Dr. Mary Crowell

Dr. Mary Crowell describes the song as “a mythological girl band and support staff go on a cosmic tour,” and if that isn’t enough to make you want to give it a listen, I don’t know what to tell you.

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.

M is for Magic Missile – Dr. Mary Crowell

‘A’ is Antimagic Field and
‘B’ for Bigby’s Hands
‘C’ will charm a person, so
You’ll be in high demand…

“M is for Magic Missile,” a Dungeons & Dragons alphabet for all of us who keep forgetting that darn spell name.

Written by Dr. Mary Crowell and recorded with Michelle “Vixy” Dockrey and Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff. Lyrics are available on Bandcamp.

Witch of the Wood – Three Weird Sisters

I seek the Witch of the Wood, Lady of Forest and Glen
Dark things howl at the gate threatening women and men.

“Witch of the Wood” by Dr. Mary Crowell, performed by Three Weird Sisters (the combined talents of Mary Crowell, Brenda Sutton, and Teresa Powell).

Lyrics available on their website.

Some Believe – Doctor Mary Crowell

This song was composed while driving home to Mobile from
Cordele, GA in a torrential rainstorm. I had been at Robert
and Beth Cooke’s house for one of their musical get togethers,
and was generally inspired by both the weather and the musical
outpouring I experienced among my friends. (I also like mummies!)

“Some Believe,” by Doctor Mary Crowell
I, also, like the mummies.