Sing Along Chorus – Mary Crowell and friends

Sing Along Chorus


Sing Along Chorus by Mary Crowell performed by the following folks!


Sopranos: Morva Bowman Mary Crowell Jen Midkiff Kat Morrison

Altos: Erin Bellavia Mary Crowell Anna O’Connell Kamilla White

Tenors: Rand Bellavia Christopher Ellman Hans Helsson Alan Pollard

Basses: Simon Crowell Eric Distad James Mahaffey


Violins: Sunnie Larsen Amy McNally Kamilla White

Wind Players: Clarinet, Mary Crowell Trumpet, Kat Morrison

Keyboard: Mary Crowell

Bass: James Mahaffey

Yes, “Sing Along Chorus” is the title of the song. A whole lot of awesome folks joined in for this one; well worth a watch.

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