Ruby of the Sea – Ginny Di

Since I heard of this siren bright
I’m thinking about her from dawn until night
And though I’ll never be in her spell
I’m falling in love on the stories they tell

“Ruby of the Sea,” by Ginny Di, featuring StarLeigh as the title character, filmed by MoonDust Photography.  This is Ginny’s first original song!  And it’s available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Save the World – specialagentartemis


Save the World – a filk song for MGS4

They’re asking

Come back, save this world

Just one more time

For your honor, for your girl,

Come save the world

I‘ve had this tune in my head for months – no idea if I actually came up with it, or stole it, or what, but I’ve been trying to put lyrics to it for ages without much success.

Then I thought “What do I have a lot of passion about?” and the answer as always is Metal Gear Solid.  The lyrics wrote themselves in a single afternoon.

I have… lots of feelings about MGS4.


[for @mgswintergames, specialagentartemis of team Diamond Dogs, for O13]

Sura esha’lines eranain – rubesco


A Dalish lullaby I wrote. It uses the tune of Rozhinkes mit Mandlen, a Yiddish lullaby. I used Project Elvhen to construct the sentences (I’ll put my translation and explanation below the cut so people can have a go at translating it themselves if they want)


Sura esha’lin’es eranain
Gara eir’ne julseithe hallain.
Ane ne halla’amelan.
mar Ghilan’ain’es vallaslin.
Era, esha’lin.
Era, esha’lin.

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Back Soon (Ukulele) – Jack Larus


Spoilers for The Adventure Zone, up to episode 67!
I debated posting this here vs. waiting until I finished the full version but I’m trying to ride the wave of being psyched about actually writing something so here’s an acoustic version with just my voice, a ukulele, and words.
So many incredible moments in this episode. I got chills at basically every turn.
Lyrics under the cut!
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Filksong Genealogy: Bashing the Balrog

(Series: Filksong Genealogy)
Firstly, above: Leslie Fish’s setting of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “Dane-Geld,” about the dubious wisdom of paying tribute to avoid being conquered by a neighboring country with less portable wealth but better armies.
Secondly, as previously seen on this blog, a classic filksong to the tune of “Waltzing Matilda”: Lee Gold’s “You Bash the Balrog,” a cheerful little ditty about an ill-fated set of D&D adventurers.  (If you’ve never heard “Waltzing Matilda,” have a listen here and maybe check out the wikipedia page.)
And finally, below: Bob Kanefsky’s synthesis “Bashing the Balrog,” performed by Leslie Fish.

Critical Hit – Ghost Mice


the biggest baddest beasts have easily been beat with one lucky shot.
dragons have fell and kingdoms have been saved
by people giving everything they’ve got,
by people who never gave up.
by people who know just to let the dice roll and see what comes up.
no we should never ever give up!

The FuMP: Munchkins by Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters

And we’ll never be munchkins (munchkins)
It’s the story we want
Fight after fight, too much the same
We crave a different kind of game

I got to meet Beth Kinderman at Marscon last weekend, and when I mentioned it @sci-fantasy recommended this song, and…I strongly relate.  

Lyrics and lead vocals by Beth Kinderman, Justin Hartley on drums, Dave Stagner did synthesizer and production, and Nikki Walker is the backup singer.  Tune is “Royals,” by Lorde.

The FuMP: Munchkins by Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters