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Filksong Genealogy: Bashing the Balrog

(Series: Filksong Genealogy)

Firstly, above: Leslie Fish’s setting of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “Dane-Geld,” about the dubious wisdom of paying tribute to avoid being conquered by a neighboring country with less portable wealth but better armies.

Secondly, as previously seen on this blog, a classic filksong to the tune of “Waltzing Matilda”: Lee Gold’s “You Bash the Balrog,” a cheerful little ditty about an ill-fated set of D&D adventurers.  (If you’ve never heard “Waltzing Matilda,” have a listen here and maybe check out the wikipedia page.)

And finally, below: Bob Kanefsky’s synthesis “Bashing the Balrog,” performed by Leslie Fish.

Critical Hit – Ghost Mice


the biggest baddest beasts have easily been beat with one lucky shot.
dragons have fell and kingdoms have been saved
by people giving everything they’ve got,
by people who never gave up.
by people who know just to let the dice roll and see what comes up.
no we should never ever give up!

And we’ll never be munchkins (munchkins)
It’s the story we want
Fight after fight, too much the same
We crave a different kind of game

I got to meet Beth Kinderman at Marscon last weekend, and when I mentioned it @sci-fantasy recommended this song, and…I strongly relate.  

Lyrics and lead vocals by Beth Kinderman, Justin Hartley on drums, Dave Stagner did synthesizer and production, and Nikki Walker is the backup singer.  Tune is “Royals,” by Lorde.

The FuMP: Munchkins by Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters

Secrets – W. Scott Snyder

A song for That One Chaotic Neutral Character Who Just Won’t Work With the Rest Of The Party, “Secrets” by W. Scott Snyder

Let Me Go – Hannah M.


New song. And not TF2 filk this time! …Instead it’s Dragon Age II filk. Big difference. You can still enjoy it if you don’t play the game though.

I’m sorry, but Isabella is just too much of a BAMF to not have a song full of sexy sailing double entendres written about her.


Let Me Go © Hannah M./PhemieC/Hamsters 2011.


Give me a deep blue ocean

And an open sky

The fickle kiss of lady-luck

and forget father time

Give me a challenge

give me a ‘x’ to find

I will spend my days in salty sprays

of every kind

And if you want me then you’d better be a pirate

You have this look, I’m hooked, I’m pretty sure I like it

But I won’t be here forever

I’m a storm that can’t be weathered

A ship to which no port is tethered and

you’ll never have better

So let me go

I’ll come back running, if the sea says so

Let me go

And you’ll see me running to the sea shells, oh.

Be my first mate

Oh I can’t wait for you to let me go


Give me a laugh, lover

Give me a good tease

I’m more impressed by cleverness

than morality

So find a me a ship in a bottle

or a bottle of any kind

I will spend my days in wild ways

Until I go blind

And if you want me then you better be a scoundrel

I’ve got no time for little dogs that run around going

faster just to chase me

I prefer the other way, see

I like a little play

But at the end of the day you’ll have to

Let me go

I’ll come back running, if the sea says so

Let me go

And you’ll see me running to the sea shells, oh.

Be my first mate

oh, I can’t wait

for you to get with me

Maybe I’m shallow

But I’m not empty

I’m easy to catch, not to easy to keep

But I could drown in your eyes

They’re so and blue and deep

And I’m off to discover a land like no other

Your hand’s on my wheel, in command of your rudder

Love is a tempest, it’s wild but it passes

Love me like the ocean, endless and vast

Let me go…

Let me go…

Wanderer (Hymn to Fen’Harel) – Will Sturman


So a while ago I thought “I should write a song about Dragon Age, totally from scratch.”  And a little voice at the back of my mind said “write about Solas” and made this face

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m calling this a hymn, but in truth I could just as easily call it “Solas, your head is so far up your ass Varric’s calling it a Deep Roads expedition, please stop.”

Always Be Here – The Doubleclicks

“Always Be Here,” by The Doubleclicks

this is…a very relateable breakup song.

A Night to Remember Lullaby – Witcher 3


Wolves are sleeping ‘midst the trees,
Bats all are swaying in the breeze,
But one soul lies anxious wide awake,
Fearing all manner of ghouls, hags and wraiths.

Birds are silent for the night,
Cows turn in as daylight dies,
But one soul lies anxious wide awake,
For the witcher, brave and bold, paid in coin of gold,
He’ll chop and slice you, gut and dice you, eat you up whole,
Eat you whole.


The Girl in Red Crossing – Ingrid Windsland


Cosplaying Maryden Halewell (the tavern bard from Dragon Age Inquisition) makes me want to sing ALL the songs, but some of them don’t have melodies, which means I have to make melodies for them myself. 😉

This one is The Girl in Red Crossing. Hope you like it! ^_^

She of the Highwaymen Repents – Ingrid Windsland


I composed music to yet another unsung BioWare song from Dragon Age Inquisition and performed it as Maryden Halewell! Hope you like it! 😄

The Silver Knight – Will Sturman


Another song you can find lyrics to in Dragon Age: Inquisition, this one about the conquest of the Dales (if you don’t play Dragon Age, that means it’s about KILLING ELVES, and that’s all the context you really need).  I may have come up with this tune at 2 AM in a hotel room at Dragon Con.

Credit to @sharkalanche, who was finishing her armor in that hotel room at Dragon Con and is the reason I didn’t just go the fuck to sleep, and @mostfacinorous, who still technically owns the mandolin I’ve been using.

The lyrics are here, and my chords are Em / D / Bm A / Bm Em

(I screw up the words at one point but YOU KNOW WHAT there are A LOT OF WORDS IN THIS)

The Battle Hymn of the Murder Hobos – Metricula

I have simple tastes, and calling RPG protagonists murder hobos is one of them.

“Battle Hymn of the Murder Hobos,” by Metricula.  More songs on her website



Our second zine is a go! Please e-mail all submissions. 

This seems relevant to our next Pathfinder session…

I reckon this might be relevant to some of your interests.

Best Game Ever (A Different D&D Song) – Mikey Mason


“Best Game Ever (A Different D&D Song)” by Mikey Mason [source]

Download at…

Also: I was contacted by Gary Gygax’s family regarding this song. Learn more here:…

I was inspired to write this song after watching Allie Goertz’s very charming, very sweet (slightly psychotically violent in the middle) song “Tonight (D&D Song).”

Its a great, wistful tune, and she has a beautiful voice.

I’m sorry that this isn’t, and that I don’t. While I love rpgs, and have since I was a kid, this is more like the D&D sessions we had when I was younger. That doesn’t mean I didn’t (r don’t) feel the same way Allie does about a good rpg session. It probably (I hope) speaks to the quality of the games we ran when I was younger…

Every group has its George. If your group doesn’t, you’re probably him (or her.)


One of the songs performed at last night’s Nerd-Vana’s Merry Freakin’ FILK-smas show!

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