H.P. Joelcraft – Julian Velard


Nothing banishes Monday blues like discovering that a decidedly sinister, 100-year-old H. P. Lovecraft poem, entitled “Nemesis,” maps almost perfectly to the 1973 song “Piano Man” by Billy Joel.

If you already know the song, then simply reading the poem below is enough to see that the two really do match. But listening to “Nemesis“ being sung by songwriter and performer Julian Velard as he also plays “Piano Man” is one of the most unsettlingly sublime things the internet has ever produced.

Velard is no longer Velard. He’s H. P. Joelcraft, the Cthulhuman. Listen above and follow along here:


[via Birth.Movies.Death.]

Banned From Arkham


so some of you know that I often rant about how there are TOO MANY SILLY LOVECRAFT ADAPTATIONS and NOT ENOUGH SERIOUS ONES and then I REFUSE TO INTERACT with the silly ones on PRINCIPLE

…but today I found a parody of the Most (in)Famous Filk Song Ever about getting kicked out of Arkham for causing a small apocalypse

it’s by a filker from Singapore called Terence Chua

and he’s adorable

love him

just listen

Banned From Arkham

Innsmouth Sailor – the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society

So, uh.  There’s an entire album of these and I had no idea.  Lovecraftian sea shanties, as sung by sailors out of Innsmouth the like.

This is the track they offered as a free sample, but it’s only a matter of time before I break down and post more of it not really legally.  SO – STOP ME FROM BEING ILLEGAL: BUY THE ALBUM

(For any Assassin’s Creed fans, you’ll recognize some good tunes from the game: Spanish Ladies, General Taylor, Leave Her Johnny, Haul Away Joe, and, of course, Drunken Sailor.  For Stan Rogers fans, there’s a version of Rolling Down to Old Maui.  For everybody, there are sea shanties.  With eldritch horror.  And I’m so happy.  You have no idea.)