Banned From Arkham


so some of you know that I often rant about how there are TOO MANY SILLY LOVECRAFT ADAPTATIONS and NOT ENOUGH SERIOUS ONES and then I REFUSE TO INTERACT with the silly ones on PRINCIPLE

…but today I found a parody of the Most (in)Famous Filk Song Ever about getting kicked out of Arkham for causing a small apocalypse

it’s by a filker from Singapore called Terence Chua

and he’s adorable

love him

just listen

Banned From Arkham

Innsmouth Sailor – the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society

So, uh.  There’s an entire album of these and I had no idea.  Lovecraftian sea shanties, as sung by sailors out of Innsmouth the like.

This is the track they offered as a free sample, but it’s only a matter of time before I break down and post more of it not really legally.  SO – STOP ME FROM BEING ILLEGAL: BUY THE ALBUM

(For any Assassin’s Creed fans, you’ll recognize some good tunes from the game: Spanish Ladies, General Taylor, Leave Her Johnny, Haul Away Joe, and, of course, Drunken Sailor.  For Stan Rogers fans, there’s a version of Rolling Down to Old Maui.  For everybody, there are sea shanties.  With eldritch horror.  And I’m so happy.  You have no idea.)