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Velvet – Talis Kimberley

She puts on velvet, fits like a glove
She doesn’t hate and she doesn’t love
She’s a beast without and a woman within
When she puts on velvet like a second skin.

“Velvet,” a werewolf song by Talis Kimberley, with John Jones and Kieran Taaffe

Queen of Spindles – Talis Kimberley

And love will seal my lips to every murmur
For silence was the witch’s best advice
And love will heal my hands of every blister
For that too is a portion of the price,
I am the Queen of Spindles.

“Queen of Spindles,” by Talis Kimberley.  About a fairy tale, but not the one you probably expect.  Lyrics here.

The Finding of a Feather – Talis Kimberly

I am here though you won’t see me
You won’t feel me you won’t hear me
But I’m everywhere, I’m everywhere you are
I’m in the shifting of the weather
And the finding of the feather

I’m everywhere, I’m everywhere you are

Everywhere you are

“The Finding of the Feather,” by Talis Kimberley

I’m not quite sure what this song is about, but it seems important.

World’s End – Talis Kimberly

There used to be some radio from Swindon
Eight months ago the signal failed to send
I’d like to hope that there are other places
Like World’s End

“World’s End,” by Talis Kimberley, lyrics available here

Small Mended Corners – Talis Kimberley

There are women I’ve been who you would not have liked
Very much – and I can’t say I’d blame you for that;
But I had to be them before I could be me
They are threads on the loom of the woman you see

Another song off the Pegasus brainstorming poll for 2016.  Lyrics available here.

Archetype Cafe – Talis Kimberley

Lady MacBeth said to Helen of Troy
When they finished the wine they’d been drinking
“I’m all for regicide once in a while, but
Helen, dear, what were you thinking?”

“Archetype Cafe,” by Talis Kimberley, for all the reviled and diminished women of history and myth, with Tim Walker on drums and Simon Fairbourn on bassoon (and holy hell he is good).  Lyrics available here.

Mon Seul Desir – Talis Kimberley

My lady sits in her fair bower
Velvet drapes to keep her warm
Carpeted with Thousandflower
Nothing shall do my lady harm

The last Talis Kimberley song I posted, I described as “an odd sort of love song” and, well…here’s another.  The French translates to “You are my only desire.”  Lyrics available here.

The Face Within – Talis Kimberley

Truth can take us so far, after that we go by trust
Are you as scared as I am by what’s happening to us?
It’s hard on you but sometimes I just have to run and hide
But it’s your arms I run back to, your face I wear inside

An odd sort of love song by Talis Kimberley, “The Face Within”

Belling the Cat – Talis Kimberley

Everymouse knows, everymouse knows
Let the bravest mice bell him so everymouse knows.

“Belling the Cat,” by Talis Kimberley

There are a surprising number of songs by filkers about cats and/or mice.  This one’s a metaphor.

Leave It – Talis Kimberley

“It’s a protest song, a gut-punch of a thing that wanted out. I suspect it’s already growing new verses out there where people are singing it…“

“Leave It,” by Talis Kimberley

All the Birds are Gone – Talis Kimberley

All the birds are gone, and all the stones are shaking;
On and on and on, every day in turn
What will burn, will burn, and they dare to call this ‘needful’
But the birds do not return

“All the Birds are Gone,” by Talis Kimberley

One of the things that most complicates the constant question of “what is filk, anyway?” is that filkers tend to write about things that aren’t typical filk subjects as if they were.  And so you get songs like this one, which sounds like it could be about Mad Max but is really about fracking.

Kitchen Heroes – Talis Kimberley

It’s the stock and the cellar and the hearth and the hive
Will decide who falls and who survives
And we’re going to need our kitchen heroes then

A song for the squires, healers, farmers, and cooks – “Kitchen Heroes,” by Talis Kimberley

Icarus’ Sister – Talis Kimberley

Icarus’ sister – she’s a commonsense girl
She wears sensible clothes and she doesn’t ever talk to strangers

“Icarus’ Sister,” by Talis Kimberley.  Lyrics here

Goodnight, Sarah-Jane – Talis Kimberly

In memory of Lis Sladen, who played Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

If you buy a download through bandcamp, Talis is donating the proceeds to cancer research.

Underpass Mary – Talis Kimberley

“Underpass Mary,” a song for new and short-lived gods.

Lyrics here

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