Filksong Genealogy: Save Yourselves!

(Series: Filksong Genealogy)

Above we have Seanan McGuire’s “Wicked Girls” (lyrics), performed in concert by the author along with Michelle “Vixy” Dockrey and Tony Fabris, S.J. “Sooj” Tucker, and Amy McNally.

And below, we have Bob Kanefksy’s truly wicked parody, “Save Yourselves!” (lyrics), performed in circle by Vixy and Tony.  Yes, that’s Seanan nearby in the circle, and yes, she’s hearing it for the first time.

Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves – crystalandrock


@seananmcguire‘s Wicked Girls is a favorite of mine, and though it’s not explicitly about the lgbt community, for a while I’ve been thinking about it as such. But hey, filk is all about adaptation and the meanings the audience gets from a song – so a few days ago I decided to write my own version.

My Wicked Girls is dedicated to all of the fictional wlw who deserved better than their narratives gave them, and to all the real wlw who deserve the world.

Lyrics under the cut:

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Dear Seanan – Erin & Rand Bellavia

This is “Dear Seanan” (a parody of Seanan McGuire’s song “Dear Gina,” based on Seanan’s October Daye series), performed at FilKONtario 23 by Erin and Rand Bellavia. Lyrics by Erin Bellavia and Merav Hoffman.

(submitted by @mysecretorigin)

I Am (The Doppelganger’s Song) – Vixy & Tony

Absinthe in an open wound,
I am ashes on the wind,
I am Snow White stained and fallen,
Drop your guard and let me in
And I’ll be you.

“I Am (The Doppelganger’s Song),” by Seanan McGuire, performed by Vixy & Tony with Betsy Tinney on violin

Chords and lyrics available here

Oak & Ash – Cat Faber and Atlanta Housefilk

Ominous, beautiful, and technically experimental.

Apparently, this is based on something by Seanan McGuire, and maybe it makes more specific sense if one has read this thing by Seanan McGuire, but out of context it’s just haunting.

Lyrics, chords, and sheet music available here

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For we will be wicked and we will be fair
And they'll call us such names, and we really won't care,
So go, tell your Wendys, your Susans, your Janes,
There's a place they can go if they're tired of chains,
And our roads may be golden, or broken, or lost,
But we'll walk on them willingly, knowing the cost -
We won't take our place on the shelves.
It's better to fly and it's better to die
Say the wicked girls saving ourselves.

- Seanan McGuire, Wicked Girls


 (via awrinkleintortall)

From Seanan McGuire’s FAQ: 

Follow Me Down by Seanan McGuire on Stars Fall Home

Come to me softly oh come to me sweetly 
oh come to me now as the year turns around. I’ll give in to you as I once did, completely, If you’ll follow me, follow me, follow me down,
come and follow me, follow me down.

By crystalandrock’s suggestion, a song for New Year’s – “Follow Me Down,” by Seanan McGuire

For the new year, everyone should resolve to write songs and record them and send them to me.

Follow Me Down by Seanan McGuire on Stars Fall Home