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Filksong Genealogy: Save Yourselves!

(Series: Filksong Genealogy)

Above we have Seanan McGuire’s “Wicked Girls” (lyrics), performed in concert by the author along with Michelle “Vixy” Dockrey and Tony Fabris, S.J. “Sooj” Tucker, and Amy McNally.

And below, we have Bob Kanefksy’s truly wicked parody, “Save Yourselves!” (lyrics), performed in circle by Vixy and Tony.  Yes, that’s Seanan nearby in the circle, and yes, she’s hearing it for the first time.

Soul Stealers – The Dehorn Crew

And now you know why your daddy drank
And why his hair turned gray
And why your mum so seldom laughed
And why they could not play

“Soul Stealers,” by the Dehorn Crew.  This was attributed to Leslie Fish by the uploader on YouTube, but a comment corrected it.  This is Fish’s band, but the lead singer, writer, and banjo is Kathleen Taylor, with Carol Shuttleworth on high harmony.

I’m Cthulhu – Dulcimer Johnson

I lament the scarcity of Serious Lovecraft Songs almost constantly

…this isn’t one, but it is linguistically clever, aggressively posh, and played on a tiny banjo, and that’s almost as good

Frankenstein – The Mechanisms

Recommended to me by @khittyhawk, this group seems to do mini-musicals.  I’m not sure how to classify them, but they’re really neat.

There’s a review on their website that says “Ostensibly folk, but folk run over with a steam-powered bus driven by Homer” and…if that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is.

Dear Gina – Vixy & Tony

“Dear Gina,” by Seanan Mcguire, performed by Vixy and Tony

As they say, it’s about a horror move that never existed.

Chords and lyrics available here.

Post-Apocalyptic Blues – Doctor Mary Crowell

With all the zombies and doomsayers out there, how can a girl get a decent cup of coffee?

“Post-Apocalyptic Blues,” by Doctor Mary Crowell

Polaris/Recall – Leslie Fish

Leslie Fish’s “Polaris/Recall” based on a fragment of verse in the story by H.P. Lovecraft, “Polaris

(the story is good except for the racism, which is a pretty good summary of a lot of Lovecraft)

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find serious Lovecraft filk?  Do you?

I Had a Shoggoth – Tom Smith


Tom Smith – I Had A Shoggoth

The ASL interpreter absolutely MAKES this video.


so some of you know that I often rant about how there are TOO MANY SILLY LOVECRAFT ADAPTATIONS and NOT ENOUGH SERIOUS ONES and then I REFUSE TO INTERACT with the silly ones on PRINCIPLE

…but today I found a parody of the Most (in)Famous Filk Song Ever about getting kicked out of Arkham for causing a small apocalypse

it’s by a filker from Singapore called Terence Chua

and he’s adorable

love him

just listen

Banned From Arkham

Hey Nosferatu – crystalandrock


After months of promising dogofulthar that I’d make him a filk song called “Hey Nosferatu”, I finally got around to it. So here you go, a brand new filk about Nosferatu by someone who knew nothing about Nosferatu (and then went on the wiki page for last minute research).

I used chris clark’s karaoke version of Hey There Delilah for this. Thanks to them for having a slightly higher version than usual, eek!

Also I apologize for my voice and my lack of breath control. I blame Nosferatu for draining my life essence just before recording.


Hey Nosferatu, what’s it like in Transylvania?
You’re four-hundred years old now and spreading plague throughout Germania
Thousands die,
But only two people know why,
What can they try?

Hey Nosferatu, don’t you worry about the distance,
Though the ship’s journey is long you’ve got the crew for your subsistence
Still their breath,
Show them why you’re the “Bird of Death”
Till no one’s left.

Oh, it’s how you’re draining me,
Oh, it’s how you’re draining me.
Oh, it’s how you’re draining me,
Oh, it’s how you’re draining me,
How you’re draining me.

Hey Nosferatu, I know times are getting mean
With all the rats that you’ve released the town’s declared a quarantine –
It’s done no good
And Ellen wonders if she should
Become your food.

Hey Nosferatu, when she let you have your way
I guess that you forgot to check the clock for at the break of day
You fell apart,
For Ellen she was pure of heart
And awfully smart.

Oh, it’s how you’re draining me,
Oh, it’s how you’re draining me.
Oh, it’s how you’re draining me,
Oh, it’s how you’re draining me.

A thousand rats seemed pretty grim
But they were beat by her and him
And mankind somehow ended your dark plan
At least you got their countrymen
And Ellen will never laugh again
You know she’s looking rather pale and wan.
Count Orlok, I can promise you
That even though your reign is through
The world will never ever be the same,
And you’re to blame.

Hey Nosferatu, you were evil, now you’re history
But you’re still alive on film and in the heart of classic mystery
It’s surreal
Both our blood and hearts you’d steal
So though you see me as a meal,
Hey Nosferatu, I really feel
That you’re ideal.

Oh, it’s how you’re draining me,
Oh, it’s how you’re draining me.
Oh, it’s how you’re draining me,
Oh, it’s how you’re draining me,
How you’re draining me.

Innsmouth Sailor – the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society

So, uh.  There’s an entire album of these and I had no idea.  Lovecraftian sea shanties, as sung by sailors out of Innsmouth the like.

This is the track they offered as a free sample, but it’s only a matter of time before I break down and post more of it not really legally.  SO – STOP ME FROM BEING ILLEGAL: BUY THE ALBUM

(For any Assassin’s Creed fans, you’ll recognize some good tunes from the game: Spanish Ladies, General Taylor, Leave Her Johnny, Haul Away Joe, and, of course, Drunken Sailor.  For Stan Rogers fans, there’s a version of Rolling Down to Old Maui.  For everybody, there are sea shanties.  With eldritch horror.  And I’m so happy.  You have no idea.)

O Yog Sothoth – Tom Smith

More Lovecraft, more Tom Smith, more Christmas.

Silent Night, Blasphemous Night, – the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society

“Silent Night, Blasphemous Night,” from the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society

A Lonely Christmas Out Here – Kari Maaren

“A Lonely Christmas Out Here,” by Kari Maaren

Whatever you expect from this song, it’s probably not that.  Unless you know Kari Maaren, in which case you know never to expect what you expect.  Or something.

Some Believe – Doctor Mary Crowell

This song was composed while driving home to Mobile from
Cordele, GA in a torrential rainstorm. I had been at Robert
and Beth Cooke’s house for one of their musical get togethers,
and was generally inspired by both the weather and the musical
outpouring I experienced among my friends. (I also like mummies!)

“Some Believe,” by Doctor Mary Crowell

I, also, like the mummies.

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