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Could you or maybe your lovely followers help with a recommendation?

I’m looking for some filk music that follows the same cadence as “Back home in Derry” but with more of a sci-fi twist. So far I’ve found The Ballad of Apollo XIII but the lyrics are too specific for what I’m working on. Would appreciate the help, thanks!

Hey! I wasn’t familiar with “Back Home in Derry” but youtube proved helpful there, and it seems to be the same tune as “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” (which I should have guessed from your reference to “The Ballad of Apollo XIII”).

I can’t think of any less specific sci-fi-themed songs to that particular tune or meter, so I’m gonna throw this question open to our lovely followers. Sing out if you’ve got any suggestions!


I’ve been informed by one of the fine folks at the filkhaven discord server that one Wolf von Witting has written a song with exactly that theme! Lyrics to “Wish I Was Back Home On Terra” may be found in this collection here along with many others, and have been copied below the cut for those who don’t feel like digging through the rest.

Wish I Was Back Home on Terra
Trad.Music: ”I Wish Was Back Home in Derry.”
Written in Moscow, June 1998. revised 1998-Oct-11
(Wolf von Witting)

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Sing Along Chorus – Mary Crowell and friends

Sing Along Chorus


Sing Along Chorus by Mary Crowell performed by the following folks!


Sopranos: Morva Bowman Mary Crowell Jen Midkiff Kat Morrison

Altos: Erin Bellavia Mary Crowell Anna O’Connell Kamilla White

Tenors: Rand Bellavia Christopher Ellman Hans Helsson Alan Pollard

Basses: Simon Crowell Eric Distad James Mahaffey


Violins: Sunnie Larsen Amy McNally Kamilla White

Wind Players: Clarinet, Mary Crowell Trumpet, Kat Morrison

Keyboard: Mary Crowell

Bass: James Mahaffey

Yes, “Sing Along Chorus” is the title of the song. A whole lot of awesome folks joined in for this one; well worth a watch.

who-needs-words asked:

who-needs-words asked:

Hi, so I was introduced to Filk music (excluding The Mechanisms) very recently, and I have absolutely no idea where to start. I want to learn more/ listen to it more. But confused Googling can only get me so far. Do you have any pointers?

We certainly do!

For starters, I’d recommend just browsing our back posts, especially the ones under the links tag, which includes a lot of posts about various resources and collections people have made. Pulling out three in particular:

Elsewhere: The wikipedia article on filk is dry but pretty accurate, and a good resource if you want to learn more about the history and typical present-day practice of filk. You can also check out the filk tag on bandcamp for a hell of a lot of good music, and searching for “filk” on youtube will turn up at least two fairly long playlists.

Followers, if you’ve got any more suggestions for @who-needs-words and anyone else who’s new here, please feel free to reblog this and add them!

Vintage Filk Preservation

Vintage Filk Preservation

Our goal is to accurately preserve the early and out-of-print history of recorded “filk” (science-fiction folk) for a new generation of listeners.

This is a volunteer project, and we do not monetize videos. No copyright infringement is intended. We are happy to remove songs upon request.


Check it out, folks! Some real good out-of-print filk albums here, and there may be more coming.

Ose recs



Also re: that space shanties/filk post from last night, if you want recs outside of the songs linked there please do let me know because I…. have a lot 👀👀👀


Ahhhh okay so @injygo here are a few recs (that weren’t on that – very good – list in the original post!)

Note: these are some of my faves, but you can find more in this post, especially those that aren’t up on youtube. Also search the tag #filk on my blog! ….Also, I realise with this list I’ve sort of drifted away from the ballad/shanty genre a little in my enthusiasm. But since that was what the original post was about (and because it’s my own favourite filk sub-genre!) I’ve tried to keep these space-themed in some capacity… that said, there’s a fair amount of other filk/folk I love that’s more fantasy/mythology themed, often by some of the same artists as the above, so if you want more recs please let me know!!!

What an excellent post this is. 😀

Faithful Sidekicks


Thought I’d put a plug here for the Kickstarter that the Faithful Sidekicks, a really fun and sweet filk duo we met at OVFF last year who make equally fun and sweet music, are running for their new album, Our Kind of Strange

They’ve got previews of several of the songs that you can listen to already (and I feel like many of you need to know that one of them is about a found family of monsters, plus another that’s about spoons/chronic health issues that I love and find deeply relatable) and it looks like it’s going to be a really positive, nerdy album in general.

(This is also a recommendation to check out their other music, too, since they have two albums already on Bandcamp. My favorite song of theirs is probably still Fatty Bolger, which if you’re looking for songs about obscure LotR characters is absolutely perfect.)