Yeah, Filk!

For space is wide and good friends are too few




Was reminded of this old filk song while trying to think of an appropriate goddess of technology. Ignore the AMC Gremlin hatchback gas cap. It’s a song about how sprites of the forest became gremlins in our technology.

I hum this whenever I work on cars.

Gremlins by Leslie Fish

So you remember the Nominating Ballot we were telling you about?  Well, the nominations are in; the finalists have been named, and the final Voting Ballot is live!  Go check it out!

Pegasus Awards

2016 Pegasus Nominations closing soon!

Just to remind you that Nominations for the 2016 Pegasus Awards will close just after midnight on Sunday, July 31, which is less than three weeks away!

(What are the Pegasus Awards, you ask?  Take a look here!)

To help with the Nominating ballot, you can check out the results of the annual Brainstorming Poll at  Remember, a song can be nominated whether or not it appears on the Brainstorming Poll, but it may be a good idea to check the award history to make sure it hasn’t already won one.

A project of compiling audio links for all the songs on the Brainstorming Poll has had to be shelved for lack of time, but you are welcome to check out the unfinished results (and suggest additional links if you feel so inclined).

The ballot itself is at

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