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doctor mary crowell

Time Will Tell – Jodi Krangle & co.


Jodi Krangle and her back up band perform Time Will Tell at OVFF 2015.

Post-Apocalyptic Blues – Doctor Mary Crowell

With all the zombies and doomsayers out there, how can a girl get a decent cup of coffee?

“Post-Apocalyptic Blues,” by Doctor Mary Crowell

Legolas – Doctor Mary Crowell

Get Down Mama – Doctor Mary Crowell

Simon (my son) and I went to the Huntsville Botanical Garden’s Scarecrow Trail one year. His complete fascination with the “Crowella De Ville” scarecrow and a couple of observations (quoted directly in the lyrics) about scary things in general led to this song. The title comes from him asking me not to leave one evening when he was scared he would have nightmares. “Get down, Mama, sleep your eyes down!” This song is a collaborative effort between us.

“Get Down Mama,” by Doctor Mary Crowell

…thanks to the people who pointed out I had the wrong song earlier.  Not sure how I did that.

Some Believe – Doctor Mary Crowell

This song was composed while driving home to Mobile from
Cordele, GA in a torrential rainstorm. I had been at Robert
and Beth Cooke’s house for one of their musical get togethers,
and was generally inspired by both the weather and the musical
outpouring I experienced among my friends. (I also like mummies!)

“Some Believe,” by Doctor Mary Crowell

I, also, like the mummies.

Acolytes of the Machine – Doctor Mary Crowell

“The Blonde Choir kidnaps a bard to play a dangerous and powerful pipe organ in order to to save the city from a beast god” the song.

Also known as “Acolytes of the Machine” by Doctor Mary Crowell

Lyrics available and song for purchase here

I Put My Low Stat – Doctor Mary Crowell

Doctor Mary Crowell’s painfully accurate DnD story, “I Put My Low Stat”

Lyrics can be found and album can be purchased here

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