limitlesspolydreamus asked:

limitlesspolydreamus asked:

Hi there! I hope this message finds everyone well and in good spirits! I don’t know if this technically counts as a filk thing, but I couldn’t think of a community better than filkers to track down a hard to find track! I’m looking for a recorded version of Music Box Dancer. Not the Ray Conniff version. The one that starts “You walk in the room and you’re wearing a frown/You reach for the shelf and cradle it down…” It’s the strangest doggone thing! I can find the lyrics just fine, but (½)

(2/2) I can’t find a recorded version of that set of lyrics, nor who wrote them. (Unless that version is indeed written by Frank Mills.) Instrumental versions abound and I’ve found the stray recorded Conniff version, but no luck on this alternate version. I’d appreciate any help, but totally understand if it’s not possible! Have a great day!

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this song, but I can signal boost! Hey followers, anyone have any ideas?

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As someone whos starting their masters degree in cosmonautical engineering of course i fell in love with filk not long ago (especially the space shanty kind). Im kinda hoping i can find someone who shares my love for space and filk here, maybe a penpal 🙂

I hope you can! Hey followers, sing out if you’d like to meet Anony here!

A song for Jainan – blueorangedisaster



(Video: a recording of the song.)

“My name is Jainan nav Adessari of Feria. I might be easy to manipulate. But I am very difficult to break.”

A song for Jainan. It doesn’t cover all of my Winter’s Orbit feelings, but it’s a start.

(I don’t make it up, I paint it like I know it’s true, you can’t play me. / If it’s like this, I can take it, shore it up, I’ll work till it saves me. / Where I couldn’t save myself.)

Here are the lyrics if you’re curious (thanks @animatedamerican for asking


The less descriptive lyrics get the more self-conscious I feel about them, even though I think that—paired up with music—they’re much better at conveying feelings. This one is probably somewhere in the middle on the descriptive-to-cryptic scale.

This came out of my desire to express the many, many facets to Jainan’s character. There’s a core (the chorus), then verse 1 is based on how he is with Taam / how he feels about himself around Taam, and verse 2 is based on how he is with Kiem / how he feels about himself around Kiem. (The one thing not true to the story is the “I couldn’t save myself” repetition in the refrain. I hope I can think of a more fitting line to replace it.)

Verse 1
So go ahead if you want me / either way, do I apologise / if it’s ruins that haunt me / fell to ruin when I fell for your little lies.
Even when it’s a struggle / even when it’s hard I’ll take it in stride / so come away, don’t you worry / you know better—and I don’t want a fight.

I don’t make it up, I paint it like I know it’s true, you can’t play me. / If it’s like this, I can take it, shore it up, I’ll work till it saves me. / Where I couldn’t save myself. (So come away, come away with me—I couldn’t save myself.)

Verse 2
It’s alright to be nervous / you and me, we have walked for miles / tell me what they got for us / jewels and a crown and a waste of time.
Even when it’s a struggle / even when it’s hard I’ll take it in stride / so come away, don’t you worry / come and rest your head in my arms tonight.

(Hey @fan-music-appreciation, you should see this too!)

For those who don’t recognize the character’s name: this song is based on the novel Winter’s Orbit. I heartily recommend both the novel and the song.

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Could you or maybe your lovely followers help with a recommendation?

I’m looking for some filk music that follows the same cadence as “Back home in Derry” but with more of a sci-fi twist. So far I’ve found The Ballad of Apollo XIII but the lyrics are too specific for what I’m working on. Would appreciate the help, thanks!

Hey! I wasn’t familiar with “Back Home in Derry” but youtube proved helpful there, and it seems to be the same tune as “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” (which I should have guessed from your reference to “The Ballad of Apollo XIII”).

I can’t think of any less specific sci-fi-themed songs to that particular tune or meter, so I’m gonna throw this question open to our lovely followers. Sing out if you’ve got any suggestions!


I’ve been informed by one of the fine folks at the filkhaven discord server that one Wolf von Witting has written a song with exactly that theme! Lyrics to “Wish I Was Back Home On Terra” may be found in this collection here along with many others, and have been copied below the cut for those who don’t feel like digging through the rest.

Wish I Was Back Home on Terra
Trad.Music: ”I Wish Was Back Home in Derry.”
Written in Moscow, June 1998. revised 1998-Oct-11
(Wolf von Witting)

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The Easter Bunny Vault – Eric Distad

What if I never get any more chocolate?
This could be the only one

This song seems like it has a silly premise, but it hits a lot of people pretty deep. Eric Distad (of the Faithful Sidekicks) singing “The Easter Bunny Vault,” something about childhood insecurities, feeling powerless, and damaging what you hold too close.

Dawn Over September – Will Sturman


But the center is
here, this coal-fired heart
like a factory wants to make war

I want peace, I want
rest, but I’ll have it no more
Just one last dawn
over September

I finished listening to Friends at the Table: COUNTER/Weight just before #15DaysofFatT started, so naturally I went into a fugue state and wrote a 6 minute song about the final battle of the campaign for Day 15: Dawn

I’m not sure if this will mean anything to anyone who hasn’t listened to this podcast, but just close your eyes and think about off-brand Gundam, that should do it. And then consider yourself spoiled for the end of the season, but in the vaguest possible terms. Lyrics under the cut:

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Fuel to Feed the Drive/Fool to Feed the Drive – Cynthia McQuillin/Jordin Kare

What prayers can
stir the gods of space who dwell beyond the stars?
What mortal
words can help or heal an engine without power?
And will we
drift forever lost between the stars? We strive
To find a single
planet with fuel to feed the drive

Cynthia McQuillin’s “Fuel to Feed the Drive” is a “classic” in a very specific filkish way. That way is I heard multiple songs that referenced it before I managed to find a recording, but it’s finally on YouTube!

It also, typical of classic filk of a certain age, has a parody (by Jordin Kare) that’s perhaps even better known than the original – and it is helpfully included in this recording.

Lyrics to both versions and my best stab at the chords under the cut:

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Mermaids and Queers – Misbehavin’ Maidens

“Mermaids and Queers,” our song based on this Tumblr post about asexuals and sirens. How would mermaids lure people of various sexualities?

This video has captions and ASL interpretation, thanks to the hard work of Kat Sharp (Sharp Productions) and Judi Miller (interpreter). We recorded this in lockdown for our virtual concert at the 2020 Ohio Valley Filk Festival.

The professionally-recorded version can be found on our third album, Swearing is Caring.