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october daye

via @rocket-song-acoustic: Kipling and 12-string guitar.  For some reason I can’t play this one without thinking of Seanan’s Toby Daye series.

“The Fairies’ Siege,” words by Rudyard Kipling, music and performance by Mark Horning
The Fairies Siege

Oak & Ash – Cat Faber and Atlanta Housefilk

Ominous, beautiful, and technically experimental.

Apparently, this is based on something by Seanan McGuire, and maybe it makes more specific sense if one has read this thing by Seanan McGuire, but out of context it’s just haunting.

Lyrics, chords, and sheet music available here

(if this doesn’t play from your dash, try going to the permalink.  I’m not sure what’s up with the file, but sometimes it’s finicky.)

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