Counterparts – Fetch Mercury






it is about a certain angel and a certain demon and a certain Plan that was not followed.

I remembered his tumblr, it’s @neil-gaiman.

here are the lyrics:

Rise, oh prophet, and begin
Thy song of glory and of sin
The thunder struck, the sorrow came
And two and two were called by name

Speak, oh prophet, and be true
To those who fell and those who grew
To those who stood, when battle came,
And all but two were still the same

Silence, prophet, hold thy breath
Beneath the raven wings of Death
In childish hands the judgement came
And two were cast into the flame

Sing, oh prophet, and proclaim
All Hell’s disgrace, all Heaven’s shame
An apple tree, a sword of flame,
And only two to bear the blame

Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour – Dr. Mary Crowell

Dr. Mary Crowell describes the song as “a mythological girl band and support staff go on a cosmic tour,” and if that isn’t enough to make you want to give it a listen, I don’t know what to tell you.

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.

The Wrath of Achilles – Vanessa Cardui

“The Wrath of Achilles,” which weaves lines from The Iliad with Vanessa Cardui’s own interpretation of Achilles’ grief for Patroclus.

The song can be purchased on Bandcamp. Vanessa Cardui doesn’t have the lyrics up, but Google informs me that she takes the quoted parts from Fitzgerald’s translation.

A Thousand Ships – Ju Honisch & Katy Droege-Macdonald

“A Thousand Ships” by Ju Honisch and Katy Droege-Macdonald, a look at Helen of Troy’s side of the story.

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.

Longer in Stories than Stone – Sassafrass

As centuries crumble the whispers of ancients
Last longer in stories, last longer in stories than stone. 

“Longer in Stories than Stone,” the finale to Sundown, Sassafrass’s epic (pun intended) Norse Mythology song cycle.

The finale weaves in themes from a bunch of the earlier songs, making it a great sampler of all the cool stuff in the cycle, but I really recommend giving the whole thing a listen. Along with being gorgeous, it’s a great introduction to Norse Mythology.

Lyrics are available on Bandcamp. If you’re interested in learning more, the Sundown libretto and score are also available for purchase.

Merlin – Kathy Mar

“Merlin,” a fantastically creepy interpretation of Arthurian legend by Doug McArthur, performed here by Kathy Mar. If you’re familiar with the BBC TV show version of the character, this is… pretty much the exact opposite of that.

Lyrics are available here, and the song is available for free download from Prometheus Music.

The Morrigan – Heather Dale & Tamyka Bullen

The Morrigan dreams old dreams of flight
The Morrigan sees with another sight
The Morrigan builds with flesh and bone
And The Morrigan fills an empty throne

“The Morrigan” by Heather Dale, with vibrant ASL interpretation by Tamyka Bullen.

This is part of a really cool project that Heather Dale is working on with a bunch of awesome Deaf storytellers. For more videos from the series, check out Heather’s YouTube Channel.

Medusa – Heather Dale & Mana Bijandgoodarz

Damn ‘em all – I create my own perfection
Damn ’em all in the face of their rejection
Damn ’em all – well, this dog will have its day
My garden’s full of pretty men who couldn’t stay away

“Medusa” by Heather Dale, with incredible sign language interpretation by Mana Bijandgoodarz.

This is part of a really neat project that Heather Dale is collaborating on with Deaf storytellers. For more videos from the series, check out Heather’s YouTube Channel.