Rosemary and Rue – Brooke vs. John

Rosemary and rue, rosemary and rue
By cut grass and copper, just this can I offer
A lonely bouquet of rosemary and rue. 

“Rosemary & Rue” by Brooke Abbey, based on the book of same title by Seanan McGuire.

Lyrics (and chords!) available on Bandcamp.

The Lady – Urban Tapestry

But the Lady is faithful, she rides the bright sea
Her bowing is graceful, full of dignity
She speeds ‘cross the water, the wind at her back
And the crew hopes she’ll carry them home

“The Lady,” by Urban Tapestry (Debbie Ridpath Ohi, Allison Durno, and Jodi Krangle)  plus Tom Jeffers on bass, Dave Clement on lead guitar, and Kylea Fulton on pennywhistle
An immigration song…about vampires.

Send Him Home – Cat Faber


Cat Faber writes:

Reddit is doing something cool: inspired by Terry Pratchett’s depiction of how the names of the dead were sent home by clacks along the Grand Trunk Line on Discworld, they are working out ways to do the same for Sir Terry here in the real world.
And that inspired this song: Send Him Home.

A man’s not dead while his name is spoken
We will send him home
Down the line in a chain unbroken
We will send him home

   Send him home, send him home
Hear the shutters clack and comb
Down the line his name will roam
Send him home

(Full lyrics here.)

Mount Tam (Anima Urbis) – Leslie Fish

If there be anything here
That cometh not in the name of the powers of light
Then in the name of the powers of light let it be gone

This is an odd song – hard to parse, kind of urban fantasy, and probably about knocking California into the ocean or something.  I like it a lot.
By Leslie Fish, lyrics and chords available here.  There are…way too many chords in this song.  Fish has a “one word, one chord” style of text-setting, but this is an extreme example of the trope.
According to the liner notes for Avalon Is Risen, the chorus has been effectively used as a banishing ritual.