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cat faber

Still Here – Cat Faber

Though you’ve made our lives much harder, we’ll remember why and how
For the earth and for each other, we must stand together now;
There are more of us than there are of you and you may have won today
But we’re still here– and we will not go away!

Written Nov 10th, 2016.

The Last Spaceship – Cat Faber

If the ship’s engines blaze without holds or delays
Why that boat could amaze in it’s prime
Fortune smiles on strays and audacity pays
If the last spaceship leaves on time

Not enough hopeful space songs of late.  “The Last Spaceship,” by Cat Faber.  Lyrics, chords, sheet music, AND a download link here!

No Quarter – Cat Faber


    Ancient legends say the rank a fallen warrior held

Depended on an Honor Guard of foes that one had felled.

And so in tardy tribute to the one we couldn’t save,

We’ll lay your fiery deaths like crimson flowers on her grave.


Some days I just feel like singing this song non-stop.

Hm. On a totally random train of thought – I think Mandalorians might like this song.

Neil Armstrong – Cat Faber

On the scale of the sky even species must die;
Mortality’s all that is sure.
Generations have gazed up the path that he blazed
Where his footprints beyond us endure.

“Neil Armstrong,” by Cat Faber – written they day after she found out Neil Armstrong had died.

When the Wind Changes – Echo’s Children

The sun leaves the meadow, the geese leave the lakes–
When the wind changes, it aches

According to the bandcamp page, this song was written as background for a character in a role-playing game.  It’s a beautiful tune with beautiful imagery.

Boats Have Bones – Cat Faber

Cat Faber has a gift, and that gift is turning everyday objects unearthly and profound.

Lyrics, chords, and sheet music available here.

Send Him Home – Cat Faber


Cat Faber writes:

Reddit is doing something cool: inspired by Terry Pratchett’s depiction of how the names of the dead were sent home by clacks along the Grand Trunk Line on Discworld, they are working out ways to do the same for Sir Terry here in the real world.
And that inspired this song: Send Him Home.

A man’s not dead while his name is spoken
We will send him home
Down the line in a chain unbroken
We will send him home

   Send him home, send him home
Hear the shutters clack and comb
Down the line his name will roam
Send him home

(Full lyrics here.)

Oak & Ash – Cat Faber and Atlanta Housefilk

Ominous, beautiful, and technically experimental.

Apparently, this is based on something by Seanan McGuire, and maybe it makes more specific sense if one has read this thing by Seanan McGuire, but out of context it’s just haunting.

Lyrics, chords, and sheet music available here

(if this doesn’t play from your dash, try going to the permalink.  I’m not sure what’s up with the file, but sometimes it’s finicky.)

Under the Gripping Beast – Echo’s Children

A Faustian bargain for artists, from Cat Faber

Lyrics here

A transcription of the melody here

The Seventh Horse – Echo’s Children

Lyrics and chords here 

Bested – Echo’s Children

“Bested,” by Echo’s Children

If you know Babylon 5, you know the title is clever.

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