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The Oracle – shobogan


The Oracle

You think I have been beaten
You think he took the sky from me
You think I have been trapped here
Yet I’ve never been more free

I am the hero of my own story
I am the knight tearing towers down
I am the dragon within the fortress
I am the queen forging her own crown

I am not a footnote
I am not a sacrifice
I am not your martyr
I’m not yours to sanctify

I am the voice that lights the shadows
I see the structure of strife and storms
I call the lightning to strike the shades
I am the sybil amidst the swarms

You think I have been beaten
You think he took the sky from me
Well I was never vanquished
I’m stronger than he’ll ever be

Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves – crystalandrock


@seananmcguire‘s Wicked Girls is a favorite of mine, and though it’s not explicitly about the lgbt community, for a while I’ve been thinking about it as such. But hey, filk is all about adaptation and the meanings the audience gets from a song – so a few days ago I decided to write my own version.

My Wicked Girls is dedicated to all of the fictional wlw who deserved better than their narratives gave them, and to all the real wlw who deserve the world.

Lyrics under the cut:

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Archetype Cafe – Talis Kimberley

Lady MacBeth said to Helen of Troy
When they finished the wine they’d been drinking
“I’m all for regicide once in a while, but
Helen, dear, what were you thinking?”

“Archetype Cafe,” by Talis Kimberley, for all the reviled and diminished women of history and myth, with Tim Walker on drums and Simon Fairbourn on bassoon (and holy hell he is good).  Lyrics available here.

Geeky Girls – Eben Brooks

Okay, so I think this song is hilarious.  I have no idea if anyone else will think this song is hilarious.  It’s something about the combination filk lyrics and the song being filked, which is a weird old ballad about trying to force people to marry you.

…anyway.  “Geeky Girls,” by Eben Brooks (from his new album!  which can be found here)

Kitchen Heroes – Talis Kimberley

It’s the stock and the cellar and the hearth and the hive
Will decide who falls and who survives
And we’re going to need our kitchen heroes then

A song for the squires, healers, farmers, and cooks – “Kitchen Heroes,” by Talis Kimberley

Princess in a Castle – Terence Chua

Like a princess in a castle
Like a queen without a king
Like a present wrapped in ribbons
Or a bird with broken wings
She is waiting to be rescued
She is waiting to be free
If someone could only tell her
Just who she’s supposed to be

“Princess in a Castle,” by Terence Chua

Lyrics available here

One of Us – Heather Dale

‘Cause she was not the biggest fighter nor one to raise a fuss
But I remember being proud that she was one of us
And we might never stand together in the shield-wall side by side
But because of her I lift my sword with pride

So Heather Dale recently put out a children’s album, which is basically a “my first filk” compilation, and this song seems to be here to encourage little girls to join the SCA and beat the crap out of people.

…needless to say, I approve

Icarus’ Sister – Talis Kimberley

Icarus’ sister – she’s a commonsense girl
She wears sensible clothes and she doesn’t ever talk to strangers

“Icarus’ Sister,” by Talis Kimberley.  Lyrics here

Freedom of the Snow – Leslie Fish

Cancel my salvation, give me leave to go

Back to the freedom of the snow

A Leslie Fish song about finding strength in the (temporary) absence of civilization, because the blogger behind the curtain is still desperate Mad Max trash.

And there’s a very nice flute part.

Lyrics available here

Joan – Heather Dale

Heather Dale’s song for Joan of Arc

Lyrics and chords available here

(Somebody wrote a version about Joan Watson, but I haven’t been able to find lyrics.  Anybody out there have any leads?)

Fake Geek Guy – Kari Maaren

“Fake Geek Guy,” by Kari Maaren

This song was tangentially inspired by The Doubleclicks’ “Nothing to Prove,” but “to be absolutely frank, the Doubleclicks’ song is a moving autobiographical anthem, while mine is just kind of mean.”

It’s mean in a good way, though, and, as Kari says, more songs ought to name-drop Gail Simone.

The lyrics and chords can be found in the FilKONtario 24 songbook

Gonna Be An Engineer – Peggy Seeger

“Gonna Be An Engineer,” by Peggy Seeger

Lyrics and chords here

Wicked Girls – Seanan McGuire

Seanan McGuire’s “Wicked Girls,” performed by Seanan McGuire, Vixy and Tony, S. J. Tucker, and Amy McGuire at DukCon 18

Lyrics and chords available here

Pageant Legend, by Katy Dröge-Macdonald and Juliane Honisch

Fun fact: one of the writers (I think it was Katy) originally wanted to call this song “Fuck Arthur” but was told she couldn’t do that.  So she called it “Pageant Legend,” but nobody remembers that name, so everyone calls it The Morgan Le Fay Song.

And it’s on myspace.  How quaint.

Lyrics here.

Pageant Legend (Morgan Le Fay)

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