Longer in Stories than Stone – Sassafrass

As centuries crumble the whispers of ancients
Last longer in stories, last longer in stories than stone. 

“Longer in Stories than Stone,” the finale to Sundown, Sassafrass’s epic (pun intended) Norse Mythology song cycle.

The finale weaves in themes from a bunch of the earlier songs, making it a great sampler of all the cool stuff in the cycle, but I really recommend giving the whole thing a listen. Along with being gorgeous, it’s a great introduction to Norse Mythology.

Lyrics are available on Bandcamp. If you’re interested in learning more, the Sundown libretto and score are also available for purchase.

Rebellion Song – Araxie Haldane & Nana Graye


I continue my quest to give @astriiformes‘ filk Rebellion Song the performance it deserves! Many thanks to @howtotrainyournana for singing it with me 🙂

Original song “Somebody Will” by Ada Palmer/Sassafras. Star Wars lyrics by astriiformes.