The Wrath of Achilles – Vanessa Cardui

“The Wrath of Achilles,” which weaves lines from The Iliad with Vanessa Cardui’s own interpretation of Achilles’ grief for Patroclus.

The song can be purchased on Bandcamp. Vanessa Cardui doesn’t have the lyrics up, but Google informs me that she takes the quoted parts from Fitzgerald’s translation.

Storm Chasers – Ingrid Windsland


Storm Chasers

After what seems like forever, I’ve finally managed to write a new song! This one is for @iskabee for writing Liminal.

Storm Chasers
By Ingrid Windsland

If you summon the thunder
I’ll bring the rain
And if we stand in silence
We can pretend
To be together again

It only gives when I give in
This game that we’ve been playing
When your presence marks my skin
With goosebumps, courage fraying

And I know you don’t want my guilt
It sticks like humid weather
Teal disdain leaks from your soul
From wounds we made together

If you summon the thunder
I’ll bring the rain
And if we stand in silence
We can pretend
To be together again

You only give when I don’t pull
But never what I’m craving
What was us now paints your skin
Soft scar tissue fading

And you know I can’t give you my heart
It’s lost in stormy weather
But if you smash the hourglass
We can search for it together

If you summon the thunder
I’ll bring the rain
And if we stand in silence
We can pretend

If you summon the thunder
I’ll bring the rain
And if we stand together
We can pretend

Cause if you summon the thunder
I’ll bring the rain
And if we stand in silence
We can pretend
To be together again

Godzilla – The Doubleclicks


What do you get when you meet Godzilla and fall in love?

This song is on Kesha’s new album, and a few of our friends told us that it sounded like a Doubleclicks song. When we heard it, we definitely wished we’d written it. So here, in tribute to this fantastic bit of songwriting: Godzilla! It’s a really sweet little song.

Fille Du Roy – Heather Dale & Thurga Kanagasekarampillai

Nineteen young women asleep in their bunks
But one up on deck here with me
She’s watching the stars with the wind in hair
And she tells me her name is Marie
No stranger to laughter, no stranger to joy
And a spirit as wild as the sea
She’ll make a man happy in distant Quebec
But he won’t be a sailor like me

“Fille Du Roy” by Heather Dale, with heartfelt sign language interpretation by Thurga Kanagasekarampillai.

Here’s some historical context from Heather Dale’s note on the video:

Four hundred years ago, the colony [of Quebec] was thriving but pioneering families were few. The French King Louis XIV did something surprisingly progressive:  he offered to formally adopt any orphaned French young women of marriageable age (legally making them princesses), provided they were willing to travel to New France and marry whomever they wanted…  Over 700 brave young ladies took the plunge, and were treated with huge respect.

This is part of a really cool project that Heather Dale is collaborating on with Deaf storytellers. For more videos from the series, check out Heather’s YouTube Channel.

Banshee – Cheshire Moon

The only thing certain in each life is death
As sure as each heartbeat and every last breath
The cry of the Banshee each soul must heed
But who in this world calls for me?
Yes, who in this world calls for me?

“Banshee” by Cheshire Moon. I didn’t realize until I listened to this how much I needed Love Songs About Death Omens in my life.

Lyrics and chords available here.

Come To The Garden – Lillie Blue


Come To The Garden: an original song inspired by The Adventure Zone, an actual play D&D Podcast by the McElroy Brothers (and daddy). From Magnus to Julia. Lyrics under the cut. Thank you for listening!

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Even if you’ve never heard of The Adventure Zone, please listen to this, the tune is absolutely gorgeous

Lady Moon – Talis Kimberley

Lady Moon, will you dance with me
Just once while I am mortal?
For there is no woman I would rather
Gather in my arms
And though the price of my impertinence
Be such that after just one dance –
I burn away to ashes, so I choose;
Lady Moon, tell me: what have you to lose?

“Lady Moon,” by Talis Kimberley.  I don’t know why people keep trying to date the moon, I thought Avatar taught us all that was a bad idea.

Filksong Genealogy: The Comforts of Home

Who checks the airlocks anyhow?
A million years from now it may reach

It is a blessing and a curse among filkers, but a lot of our best jokes need…a bit of setting up.
The first of these (lyrics) is a deceptively sweet love song.  The second (lyrics), by the same band, is a legitimate criticism of Gene Roddenberry’s visual worldbuilding.  The third (lyrics) is Bob Kanefsky’s triumphant combination of the two, in beautiful polyphony by the original band.
(Series: Filksong Genealogy)

Paper Cranes – Hello, The Future!

But it’s not pain that I’m feeling, it’s more like a thirst for revenge
And I really want to text you
What happens at the Red Wedding
I really really really really really want to ruin your year.

There are a decent number of nerdy love songs in the world, but surprisingly few angry nerd breakup songs.  This is one of those.  “Paper Cranes,” by Hello, The Future!