Yehudi Mind Tricks – Benjamin Newman

I was raised in a desert country
Where the sun burns double and it seldom rains,
So we drew our water from the meager trickle
In the narrow places that became our chains.

Then a cry for rescue was heard in the wasteland,
In the plain disguise of a restless stray,
And this revelation at the edge of freedom:
You have to lose your bearings to find your way.

“Yehudi Mind Tricks” by Benjamin Newman, a gorgeous Jewish interpretation of Luke’s narrative in Star Wars.

Chords, lyrics, and mp3 are all available on Ben Newman’s website.

The Deep Shall Bite Down (Akanisian folk lullaby) – smols-darklighter


The moons are the moons and the sun is the sun
The fish bite at dusk and the fish bite at dawn
But a sun is a star and a moon is a world
And the deep shall bite down when the dusk unfurls.

The sea is the sea and the land is the land
A fish is a fish and a man is a man
But men are as fish to the land of the sea
And fishes, like men, cannot live hungry.

An arm is an arm and a leg is a leg
A seed is a seed and an egg is an egg
One for to butcher and one for to thresh
But the flesh of all is all one flesh.

A womb is a womb and a prick is a prick
The slow fish are slow and the fast fish are quick
But a womb may have thorns and a prick may bear wounds
Oh the swift break their fast, but the slow shall eat soon.

And the deep shall bite down when the dusk unfurls
From the hungriness at the heart of the world
So sleep, little fishes, swift may you dream
And slow may you wake to the arms of the sea.

– local woman of Scaparus Port, Arkanis recorded by Sabekka Pallopides, student of Sentient Cultures at Theed University, Naboo

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I Ain’t A Martian Anymore – Araxie Haldane



What was the very first filk song you wrote about?


oooh! I was writing songs since I was very small and they were all about fantasy things (exception: the time my fourth-grade class wrote and performed a musical about whales in which I played a marine biologist/detective) because everything in my life was about fantasy things.

But the first actual filk I wrote was a collab with one of my best friends from college. It was written to the tune of “I Ain’t Marching Anymore” and was called “I Ain’t A Martian Anymore.” I should see if I can dig up the words.

I think that she came up with the title, and then I suggested the line “Take a look at what we’ve done with a laser-powered gun,” and then we wrote verses back and forth to each other over the summer and on each other’s whiteboards when we got back to school. It was a very fun process!

(bonus minor collaborators were my dad for insisting I find a way to rhyme “vortex” with “cerebral cortex” and @thebastardofgloucester for knowing board games they play in the Star Wars universe)

… i have a MIGHTY NEED  to see these lyrics

Okay, here we are. Turns out I still have the whole thing memorized even though I need to go look up that Star Wars board game every time.

I Ain’t A Martian Anymore

You’ve heard of those Ferengi with their acquisition rules
Their plotting and their scheming and their lore
They take all that they need, they have no law but greed
But I ain’t a Martian anymore!
And you’ve doubtless met those green men in their funny little ships
Drawing circles in your fields of corn
Every day is an occasion for an alien invasion
But I ain’t a Martian anymore!

For it’s red planet’s children that always go to war
Red planet’s children who fall
Take a look at what we’ve done with a laser-powered gun
And tell me was it worth it all?

I’ve had my share of combat now in every part of life
In games of dejarik as well as war
If a wookie has to win it then why bother to begin it?
And I ain’t a Martian anymore!
And I must have wiped the Daleks out at least a hundred times
But they keep on resurrecting by the score
When they next return I’m slated to be first exterminated
But I ain’t a Martian anymore!

For it’s red planet’s children that always go to war
Red planet’s children who fall
Take a look at what we’ve done with a laser-powered gun
And tell me was it worth it all?

I may have been a Martian but I’m sick of all this strife
I’m sick of spilling alien guts and gore
I’ll wind up like a Reaver smashing heads in with a cleaver
If I stay a Martian anymore!
Now the Cybermen are screaming that the universe is theirs
The Vogons threaten poetry galore
Let them toss me in a vortx, mess with my cerebral cortex
But I ain’t a Martian anymore!
No I ain’t a Martian anymore!

For it’s red planet’s children that always go to war
Red planet’s children who fall
Take a look at what we’ve done with a laser-powered gun
And tell me was it worth it all?

Polska från stjärnorna – Mattias Frisk

Our dear faned wanted to know more about space polskas, so here is “Polska från stjärnorna” (“Polska from the stars”), taking the main Star Wars theme and the Imperial March, mashing them together, and then arranging them in the style of a Swedish polska tune.

Technically, this isn’t really filk, since the performer Mattias Frisk likely never has been involved of filk or science fiction fandom, but it very much is music-making in a filk mode.

The Force Awakens Musical: Rey

So @magickedteacup came and pointed out that she’d written and recorded most of a Star War: The Force Awakens musical-as-fanfiction and WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THIS EARLIER IT’S SO GOOD OKAY

You can read and listen to the whole thing here, and I highly recommend that you do – and don’t skip the instrumental “intermission,” it’s actually one of my favorite parts, because apparently surprise highly-abstracted variations of the Imperial March are my jam.  Honestly I listened to that track three times just to hear that quote (or…paraphrase, I guess).

Also, the droid’s got her own theme song.

Underneath the Mask – Beth Kinderman

And here’s to all the rebels and the ones who never settled
They were with me all along
They wandered undercover as I hungered for a lover
And I wondered what when wrong

I haven’t posted in ages, and I feel bad about that.  Have a Star War!

“Underneath the Mask,” by Beth Kinderman.  I got to sing with Beth at Marscon this year, she’s great.  Anyone who ends up at a convention in the Midwest somewhere, I strongly advise looking for her.

Sung by Beth Kinderman, featuring Justin Hartley on drums and Dave Stagner on electric guitar and synths.

In Flight – idiopathicsmile




so @paticmak made this lovely drawing/animation of “poe singing space folk songs to the other resistance pilots” and then @soemily activated the SPACE-SIGNALING BEACON OF WRITE A SPACE FOLK SONG

this one turned out like 50% space folk song, 50% blindsided by poe dameron feelings. (surely you, the internet, understand.)

downloadable link here, lyrics below the cut:

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(reminder that this song is good and the chords are here)

Come Ye Knights – Star Wars

Come you knights and come you pilots
With your ships and sabers shining
Come and stop your children’s crying
Come and join the rebel queen

“Come Ye Knights,” by Sheila Willis, performed by Technical Difficulties

@sci-fantasy saw my plight and sent me a better-quality recording of this song, and I’m very grateful.  Anyway, I’ve posted three version of this song now.  It’s a good song, and it’s topically relevant.

Chords and lyrics are here