Shadow Moon – Cheshire Moon

So Cheshire Moon has had a fourth album out for a little while now. “Shadow Moon” is one of the new songs. It’s about the recent solar eclipse, and it has a chorus I just can’t get out of my head. Isn’t the album cover cute?

Shadow Moon, shadow moon
Cast your dark light upon me
Take the sunlight from my sight
Show me what I need to see

Catnyp – Cheshire Moon

Catnyp came to life one night
Along with all the Pages
Paper dolls with flat and inky smiles
The Pages bring the books to you
Day and night, two by two
But Catnyp tells the mice just what to find…

“Catnyp” by Cheshire Moon. Because while all libraries are magical, the New York Public Library is particularly so.

[for those unfamiliar, Catnyp is the Catalog of the New York Public Library]

Lyrics available here.

Banshee – Cheshire Moon

The only thing certain in each life is death
As sure as each heartbeat and every last breath
The cry of the Banshee each soul must heed
But who in this world calls for me?
Yes, who in this world calls for me?

“Banshee” by Cheshire Moon. I didn’t realize until I listened to this how much I needed Love Songs About Death Omens in my life.

Lyrics and chords available here.

Circus of Dreams – Cheshire Moon

Come One, Come all, to the carnival
Where embers and cinnamon play
Come in and wander, over and under
While paper birds sing in their cage 

Through tents in stripes of black and white
You’ll find wonders both magic and strange
Be assured if you wish to return
We’re only a wish away

“Circus of Dreams” by Cheshire Moon, about, well, a circus of dreams.

Lyrics and chords available here.

Disenchanted – Cheshire Moon

You can keep my hair
I don’t need it to feel pretty
You can keep my tower
I don’t need it to be strong
I’m racing out to find the place where the sun and the moon
Have coffee when you can’t see either one at all

“Disenchanted” by Cheshire Moon, a song for all the unwilling Rapunzels out there. Lyrics and chords available here.

Snow White, Red Road – Cheshire Moon

I’m honestly surprised I hadn’t posted this earlier, it’s one of those songs that seems like a classic in the making – Cheshire Moon’s deconstruction and re-construction of a fairy tale.
(I ran into these guys at Minicon last year; they’re very nice and one tends to squee when complimented, so I recommend saying nice things if you meet them.)
Chords and lyrics are available here