He’s Dead, Jim – Julia Ecklar

He’s dead, Jim.
He’s gone and died.
He’s croaked off,
I don’t know why.
Some weird disease we’ve found
Has put him six feet down.
Has claimed him.
He’s dead, Jim.

“He’s Dead, Jim,” an early song by Julia Ecklar, which is… pretty much what it says on the tin.

Lyrics, chords, and sheet music are included in the Traveller Songbook, which is available for free download from Prometheus Music as a scanned PDF.

The Last Spaceship – Cat Faber

If the ship’s engines blaze without holds or delays
Why that boat could amaze in it’s prime
Fortune smiles on strays and audacity pays
If the last spaceship leaves on time

Not enough hopeful space songs of late.  “The Last Spaceship,” by Cat Faber.  Lyrics, chords, sheet music, AND a download link here!

The Ballad of Idath’s Ride – Leigh Ann Hussey

Suggested by animatedamerican, in honor of the late great Leigh Ann Hussey’s birthday

Lyrics and sheet music are in her songbook, chords here, and more music can be found at this website

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