The Wrath of Achilles – Vanessa Cardui

“The Wrath of Achilles,” which weaves lines from The Iliad with Vanessa Cardui’s own interpretation of Achilles’ grief for Patroclus.

The song can be purchased on Bandcamp. Vanessa Cardui doesn’t have the lyrics up, but Google informs me that she takes the quoted parts from Fitzgerald’s translation.

Go From Hence – Vanessa Cardui

“Go From Hence” by Canadian filker Vanessa Cardui, a deceptively upbeat song about going to ones’ execution.

It’s not explicitly about pirates, but I think it makes an excellent pirate song, regardless.

Elsinore – Vanessa Cardui

“The lyrics of the chorus (beginning with “The child that from the tear”) are a poem entitled ‘The Procreations of Eve and the Copulations of Adam’, by George Barker, published in his 1992 volume ‘Street Ballads’. The poem is used by the gracious permission of Barker’s estate. The song was inspired in equal parts by Barker’s poetry and by Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. Each voice represents a different character in the drama.”

This is…haunting.  I’m really impressed by this singer’s madrigal-esque text settings.
“Elsinore,” by Vanessa Cardui

The Dragon-Slayer – Vanessa Cardui

I think it’s time to slay the dragon
I think it’s time to take a stand
He’s been eating all our babies, pretty girls and little old ladies,
And it’s time someone faced him like a man

This song is hilarious?  I think?  I know it doesn’t look like it should be, from this excerpt and the title, but trust me.  This arrangement is also very pretty, which makes everything somewhat surreal.  Warning for some bad language, so…don’t listen when your parents are around, kids.
“The Dragon-Slayer,” by Heroincredible, sung by Vanessa Cardui