Railway to Hogwarts – Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff

There’s a young man who lived
In a hole ‘neath the stairs
Now he’s riding the railway to Hogwarts. 

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.

Filk in the Lobby – Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff

“Filk in the Lobby” by Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff, which I can only assume is based on a true story. The songs referenced in the lyrics are Fire in the Sky by Jordin Kare and March of Cambreadth by Heather Alexander.

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.

Midichlorian Rhapsody – Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff

I’ve got no real life-
I live on Tatooine…

We posted a video of this song a couple years back, but it’s time for us to bring it back in honor of Star Wars season. So, here’s “Midichlorian Rhapsody” by Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff, 2014 Pegasus award winner and absolute gem of a Star Wars parody. There’s also a video of the 2014 OVFF performance, if you want to see a bunch of filkers pull off an impressive arrangement (there’s a reason Queen rarely performed Bohemian Rhapsody live…)

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.

Tatooine – Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff

Broken down star drive,
Feelin’ lucky to be alive.
Thought that I’d give old Lando a call.
But Vader was waiting,
With Carbonite plating –
So now I’m right here decorating the wall.

“Tatooine,” a parody for Han Solo by Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff, featuring lead vocals by Kris Bohnhoff.

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.

Six Feet Under – Jeff & Maya Bohnoff

I come from six feet under.
Where sulfur flows and demons blunder.
Can’t you hear, hear the hell mouth thunder?
You better run, you better take cover.

“Six Feet Under,” a very catchy Buffy the Vampire Slayer parody from Jeff and Maya Bohnoff.

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.

Every Single Song She Sings Is Tragic – Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff

“Every Single Song She Sings Is Tragic,” by Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff, a parody of (do I need to say it) “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by The Police

….this song could be about me and I feel the need to apologize, even in the context of this blog – I know I pass over a lot of probably good songs because I’d just rather have ose, dammit

This song made it onto the “Best Adapted Song” Pegasus brainstorming poll for 2016, and I urge you to check out the lists, whether you plan on voting (and every single one of you is eligible to vote, yes, looking at you) or are just looking for some good song recs.