Would you happen to know/have a link to any sort of ‘filk primer’ playlists or song recs, to send to people who are new to filk?

Nat (brain mod) made a whole “Filk 101″ series on 8tracks!
These have a got a pretty good range of songs, but I’d love to know if anyone else has an “intro to filk” playlist they give people when they’re trying to drag them in, or if there’s a song they consider The Filk Song when they want to give somebody a quick example!

Sun of Vulcan – Debra F. Sanders & Cynthia McQuillin

Sun of Vulcan grant that I may be restored
I do not seek nor understand, what I am fighting for

Have you always wanted to hear a heartfelt song about Pon Farr?  Would you like some genuine, vintage, archival quality Spirk content?  Yes, yes you would.

“Sun of Vulcan,” by Debra F. Sanders & Cynthia McQuillin

Lyrics below the cut, since they’re not readily available online.  Thanks to @aaaaaicantthinkofaname for the transcription!

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Keylor’s Rage – Heather Alexander

Keylor’s rage is burning for all her slaughtered kin
Pray gods we reach the back door while she’s still coming in
She spares no man or woman, her eyes blaze like the sun
She moves like nothing human – good gods, what has she done?

“Keylor’s Rage,” sung by Heather Alexander, based on lyrics in Andre Norton’s Witch World novels.  Full lyrics under the cut.

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I will never understand why Tom Lehrer is not a massive thing on tumblr.




For anyone who doesn’t know, Tom Lehrer was a Harvard mathematics lecturer who did musical satire in his spare time during the 50s and 60s.

He’s basically a lyrical genius: ridiculously clever and funny and awesome.

His songs cover pretty much every topic imaginable as well, from the political (the atomic bomb and world war three) to social issues (tolerance, drugs, homosexuality and religion) to environental issues (pollution and animal welfare) to the macabre and the kinky (masochism, necrophilia and dirty novels). And all in a tongue-in-cheek, amazingly still relevant way.

Tom Lehrer fandom, where you at?

(Party at my place.  Bring the cheap jug wine and a couple-dozen pizzas)

In the filk and dementia communities, where we’ve always been.

(Jug wine hell, I’m bringing Tully.)

cc: @filkyeahfilk

Hey followers, who would like us to do a series of Tom Lehrer posts?

Railway to Hogwarts – Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff

There’s a young man who lived
In a hole ‘neath the stairs
Now he’s riding the railway to Hogwarts. 

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.

Rosemary and Rue – Brooke vs. John

Rosemary and rue, rosemary and rue
By cut grass and copper, just this can I offer
A lonely bouquet of rosemary and rue. 

“Rosemary & Rue” by Brooke Abbey, based on the book of same title by Seanan McGuire.

Lyrics (and chords!) available on Bandcamp.

Save the World – specialagentartemis


Save the World – a filk song for MGS4

They’re asking

Come back, save this world

Just one more time

For your honor, for your girl,

Come save the world

I‘ve had this tune in my head for months – no idea if I actually came up with it, or stole it, or what, but I’ve been trying to put lyrics to it for ages without much success.

Then I thought “What do I have a lot of passion about?” and the answer as always is Metal Gear Solid.  The lyrics wrote themselves in a single afternoon.

I have… lots of feelings about MGS4.


[for @mgswintergames, specialagentartemis of team Diamond Dogs, for O13]