I’m Winning – The DoubleClicks

“I’m Winning,” by The Doubleclicks

Check out this song about maybe gender and maybe video games that made me unexpectedly emotional!

Also check out the Kickstarter (30 hours left as of now) for the band’s new album!  It’s fully funded, but there are stretch goals!  Including an RPG livestream, since that’s all the rage right now.

Free Spirit – Ben Newman

She called out to the Sky Eye as she gripped the ancient stone
Tell my sister when you see her: As of now, we’re on our own

@animatedamerican​ says: I got to hear Ben sing this in open circle at Boskone 2019, the weekend after Opportunity was declared dead. We needed it.

Written for Opportunity’s sister rover Spirit, and as relevant now as it was then. Full lyrics and chords can be found here.

sophus-b asked:

What is your recommendation for non-tumblr-dependent sound hosting? I was considering Soundcloud, but if I’m reading their TOS correctly, anything that uses copyrighted elements risks getting one’s entire account terminated. To name an example, I was working on a version of Pure Imaginations based on the “World of OSHA Violations” joke, but though that *is* a parody, it’s also a copyrighted tune. Do you know of any sound hosting services that allow transformative works?

I personally have…no idea.  I use Soundcloud, but I haven’t tried putting up a parody.  Does anyone out there know?

Water – Cathy McManamon

Time for a live video! “Water” is one of my favorite earlier songs by Cathy McManamon, accompanied here by Alexander James Adams. There’s just something ethereal about it that stays with me.

I say favorite earlier songs because she has written some killer recent ones as well. Some of them might even show up here, once they have been officially released. Keep an eye out!

Shadow Moon – Cheshire Moon

So Cheshire Moon has had a fourth album out for a little while now. “Shadow Moon” is one of the new songs. It’s about the recent solar eclipse, and it has a chorus I just can’t get out of my head. Isn’t the album cover cute?

Shadow Moon, shadow moon
Cast your dark light upon me
Take the sunlight from my sight
Show me what I need to see

When We’re Together – Summer Russell

I was thinking about Lauren Cox and her wonderful filk of the Disney song “Part of Your World.” Her version is about the sense of belonging in the greater filk family. Alas, I cannot find a recording of her singing it, but I stumbled across this instead. “When We’re Together” by Summer Russell is about the same topic, and I’m so glad I found it. All the feels.

O Christmas Tree Cluster – Sophus


I wrote an ode to the Christmas Tree Cluster, and all the other awesome astronomical objects in it’s region. This is my present to you, Internet.

Have an awesome holiday– and may the stars shine bright tonight!

O Christmas Tree Cluster

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,

How brightly shines
your majesty!

Called NGC

But you are also so
much more.

O Christmas tree, O
Christmas tree,

How brightly shines
your majesty!


O Christmas tree, O
Christmas tree,

So many stars adorn

Your stellar furnace
casts it’s glow,

And bathes us in
it’s light below.

O Christmas tree, o
Christmas tree,

So many stars adorn


O Christmas tree, O
Christmas tree,

Twinkling for our

So far to fly for
Santa’s sleigh:

light years ‘way.

O Christmas tree, O
Christmas tree,

Twinkling for our


O Christmas tree, O
Christmas tree,

We greet you at our

We lift our eyes up
to the sky;

Your light inspires
man to fly.

O Christmas tree, O
Christmas tree,

greet you at our apogee!


I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 licence.

Santa’s Got a Time Machine – The Moldy Filters

For those who celebrate, fear not! “Santa’s Got a Time Machine,” courtesy of The Moldy Filters. Catchy as can be, and seasonally appropriate.

Santa’s got a time machine
Got a flux capacitor under the seat
Of his sleigh, he’s traveling
With gallifreyan reindeer
And presents to bring

Anonymous asked:

Do you take donations to help support your other location?

We didn’t have a donation system before, but your question prompted me to set one up! If you want to help us keep filkyeahfilk.com hosted, you can now donate at http://ko-fi.com/filkyeahfilk.

If you want to donate in something other than Ko-fi units of $3, you can message me off of anon or through the contact form on our site, and I can get in touch with my Paypal information. [Since it displays my actual name, I’m not comfortable posting a Paypal link online for the entire world to see.]

Keeping the site online costs me about $100 per year, so if folks wanted to help offset that, I would be incredibly grateful. Thanks for asking! <3

-The brain mod