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lord of the rings

Treebeard’s Song – Christopher Lee


R.I.P. Christopher Lee.
We will always remember you and your work. As a tribute, I’m sharing this song he performed with the Tolkien Ensemble, singing as Treebeard.

“In the willow-meads of Tasarinan I walked in the Spring.
Ah ! the sight and the smell of the Spring in Nan-tasarion !
And I said that was good.

I wandered in Summer in the elm-woods of Ossiriand.
Ah ! the light and the music in the Summer by the Seven Rivers of Ossir !
And I thought that was best.

To the beeches of Neldoreth I came in the Autumn.
Ah ! the gold and the red and the sighing of leaves in the Autumn in Taur-na-neldor!
It was more than my desire.

To the pine-trees upon the highland of Dorthonion I climbed in the Winter.
Ah ! the wind and the whiteness and the black branches of Winter upon Orod-na-Thön !
My voice went up and sang in the sky.

And now all those lands lie under the wave,
And I walk in Ambaróna, in Tauremorna, in Aldalómë,
In my own land, in the country of Fangorn,
Where the roots are long,
And the years lie thicker than the leaves
In Tauremornalómë.“

~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Lament for Gandalf – Adele McAllister

A setting of the song Frodo sings in memory of Gandalf in Lothlorian, with Sam’s added verse.

Baby It’s Cold Outside (as performed by Gollum and Smeagol) – Matthew Drahozal

“Baby It’s Cold Outside (as performed by Gollum and Smeagol),” by Matthew Drahozal.

It’s exactly what it says on the tin, and you won’t regret it.

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins – kvothetheraven


just listen to it just go

(original here)

arranged by me, all instruments played by me

Legolas – Doctor Mary Crowell

The Rocky Road to Erebor – Ingrid Windsland

Ingrid Windsland’s fantastic parody of “The Rocky Road to Dublin”

Added to the Music Masterlist



Tons of you have been helping build up the Masterlist of Songs Inspired by Tolkien – thank you so much to everyone who’s sent in links to new songs! I’ve still got lots more to add (including all of The Tolkien Ensemble, yikes), but here’s the songs that were recently added:

Remember, if you’ve got more to add, please let me know – and include a link with your suggestion!!! (otherwise it will not be added)

Likely of interest to my followers!

And mine, though they’re probably more or less the same people.

Return of the King, Uh Huh – Tom Smith

Tom Smith’s “Return of the King, Uh Huh,” with music video by members of the Carolina Otaku Uprising

The Fellowship Going South – Julia Ecklar

Julia Ecklar performing Leslie Fish’s classic “The Fellowship Going South,” one of the most beautifully vague LOTR songs ever written.  It’s a good vague.  A very profound vague.

Lyrics and chords available from Leslie Fish’s website

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