Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine – Playing Rapunzel

I was looking at the Pegasus Awards brainstorming results poll (keep an eye out for the final ballot here!) and saw this song on there. Playing Rapunzel will be at OVFF this year! This song is haunting and beautiful and I may or may not have included it in my nominating ballot. >_> <_<

Only three left, and there’s power in threes:
In the stories I tell, there’s never a doubt
That the third one is different, the third one has magic
But what will I do, where will I be
What will become of me when the stories run out?

Ophelia – Playing Rapunzel

“Ophelia” by Playing Rapunzel, a gorgeous song for a missing scene in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Lyrics are available on Bandcamp.

Content warning – this song is set immediately before Ophelia’s suicide by drowning, and delves pretty deeply into her headspace at the time. Be especially careful if suicidal ideation is an issue for you.

Someone On The Internet is Wrong

Someone on the internet is wrong
And the urge to set the world to rights is really rather strong
There’s a gravitational force
That pulls me off my course
When someone on the internet is wrong

There are filk songs based on books, and there are filk songs based on TV shows, and then there are filk songs based on xkcd comics.  “Someone On The Internet Is Wrong,” by Playing Rapunzel (Mich Sampson and
Marilisa Valtazanou)

Someone On The Internet is Wrong