Filk Stream This Sunday!!



Hey friends! A few of my wild Life Things have calmed down and also I have at least temporarily won my battle with technology, so I’m going to get back to having regular virtual folksings again!
For those not familiar, I stream myself singing folk and filk songs. Everyone is welcome to listen, make requests, and sing along! I work primarily from Rise Up Singing and Rise Again for folk songs (songlists here and here). My filk collection is a little more eclectic–lots of Leslie Fish and Julia Ecklar as well as some of my own stuff. If you have something you want to hear and aren’t sure if I know it, drop me a message! Given enough notice, I can probably learn it.
I’m planning to start this Sunday, July 9th, at 2pm and go until my voice and/or fingers give out.

(that’s 2pm central time, for the record)

Programming announcement: Guest of Honor concert


This year, Contata continues its proud tradition (on the principle that anything you do three times in a row is a tradition) of non-vocal guests!
2005: Guest of Honor Carla Ulbrich came down with laryngitis, so the GoH concert featured “Carla-oke” – audience members requested songs for Carla to play on her guitar while they sang.
2008: Toastmaster Tom Smith injured his leg only weeks before the convention, so the Toastmaster concert became a “sing Tom Smith covers” benefit concert to raise money for his medical bills and recovery.
2011: Guest of Honor Judi Miller, sign interpreter extraordinaire, performed with all her usual non-vocal brilliance during everybody else’s concerts – and also sang during her own show.  (No accidents or illness interfered.  We thought we might be onto something.)
2014: Guest of Honor Amy McNally, phenomenal fiddler, also sang some during her concert – but mostly played to beat the devil.  (We made notes.  Definitely a trend worth pursuing.)
Which brings us to …
2017: Guest of Honor Bob Kanefsky, filk’s premiere parodist! … who very seldom sings in public.  So our GoH concert this year will be a Kanefsky Cabaret, or Kabarefsky, in which other filkers will sing Bob’s parodies on stage.
Interested in being a Kabarefsky performer?  Contact merav.hoffman(at)gmail(dot)com, or drop a note in our ask box!

Virtual Folksing


Tomorrow January 22nd–time tba but probably mid-to-late afternoon Central? My voice is a little scratchy so I need to give it time to warm up.
Tell your friends!

If you haven’t been involved in this in the past, what’ll happen is that @scribefindegil will post a link to a livestream when it goes online, and you can tune in a listen, sing along, and request songs.  She knows a ton of filk and folk and has an amazing voice, so I highly recommend it!

Concert Set from BayCon 2016 – Mark Horning

Concert Set from BayCon 2016
Vocals and Guitar: Mark E. Horning.
Videography: Christine Tillman
Soundboard: Kristoph Klover
Roll On Sojoner © Mark Horning
Modern Myths © Mark Horning
Undiscovered Country © Mark Horning
Dreams of Dragons © Mark Horning
Last © Mark Horning
Bound…no More © Mark Horning
It Doesn’t Matter Anymore © Larry Warner
The theme for the 2016 BayCon was “It’s all about Space”

(since I’ll be updating even more sporadically than usual, how about a whole concert?)