Cheshire Kitten (We’re all mad here) – S. J. Tucker

Sun up, sun down the shadows hide me down in
Wonderland, Wonderland, nobody knows the way,
but if you find it in your dreams, you can
find it at your dayjob
somewhere south of Hell

“Cheshire Kitten (We’re all mad here),” by S. J. Tucker
Lyrics and chords available here.

The Road to Santiago – Heather Dale

For one had come from Germany, and one from here in Spain,
And one from near the Bosporus where Constantine had reigned.
From every land they sallied forth, then ventured home again,
And found a road worth walking,
They found this road worth walking,
For all agreed their roads were much the same.

“The Road to Santiago” by Heather Dale.  I’ve been to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.  Didn’t do the pilgrimage; I was in Spain with a youth orchestra and we were just being tourists.  But it’s a very nice cathedral.
Anyway, good song.  Very nice tune.  Lyrics available here.

Freedom of the Snow – Leslie Fish

Cancel my salvation, give me leave to go
Back to the freedom of the snow

A Leslie Fish song about finding strength in the (temporary) absence of civilization, because the blogger behind the curtain is still desperate Mad Max trash.
And there’s a very nice flute part.
Lyrics available here

The Maiden and the Selkie – Heather Dale

 ‘I have come in from the ocean
I have come in from the sea
And I’ll not go to the waves, love,
Lest ye come along with me.’

“The Maiden and the Selkie,” by Heather Dale
Since the only other selkie song is “The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry,” I’m not used to happy endings, but occasionally it seems to work out.
Lyrics available here