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all the star trek related songs I know

  • star trekkin’ – the firm
  • where’s captain kirk? – spizzenergi
  • mr. spock – nerf herder

y’all know anymore? these songs give me life tbh

These are some I know of!

Some parodies that are fun too

Starship edelweiss

Data & Picard

Those are brilliant YO

heres one that i know of !!!

GNDN – Admiral Radley

Yeoman by Baths– I can’t find anything from the artist to confirm that it’s explicitly star trek related, but it’s about a couple dancing and falling in love on a starship

Klingon Pop Warrior murdered me and I am dead

Okay let’s see… here’s a handful of filk songs about Star Trek that come to mind

  • Banned from Argo by Leslie Fish. This infamous comedy song WILL get stuck in your head and you’ll probably hate me for it. Depending on your taste in humor you’ll either find it really hilarious or hate it. There’s implied NSFW in a few verses. (I should note that no Star Trek character is named, but the song uses their ranks/jobs instead. However it mentions Klingons in the final verse, and anyway you know exactly who each verse refers to)
  • He’s Dead Jim by Julia Ecklar. Another comedy song. Name describes content pretty well.
  • Bones (either by Julia Ecklar or Leslie Fish but I’m not sure which. Some filker who’s better at keeping track about these things please tell me which one it is) – yet another comedy song, this time Bones complaining about all the bullshit he’s faced with every day as the CMO of the Enterprise. This one I like a lot, it gets Bones’ character very well I think.
  • Farewell Mother Russia – I don’t know who wrote this, but it’s sort of Chekov POV “Space Travel is pretty fun”
  • Demon in the Dark – again I don’t know who wrote this originally. I assume everyone can by the name guess what episode this is about?
  • Vow of Vengeance by Julia Ecklar – This song is set somewhere between the TOS episode Space Seed and the movie Wrath of Khan, and it’s about Khan, well, swearing vengeance against Kirk
  • For the Needs of the One by Julia Ecklar – Spock bidding farewell to Kirk in Wrath of Khan. (Warning: this song WILL make you cry)
  • One Final Lesson by Julia Ecklar – Saavik mourning Spock after his death in Wrath of Khan
  • Hero’s Song sort of sounds like it’s about Kirk? I mean it never mentions Kirk anywhere, technically, but it matches him very well, it’s filk song, and appears on several albums that contain a lot of Star Trek related filk, so I’d consider it safe to say that this song is meant to be about Kirk.
  • Homecoming and The Light that Died by Julia Ecklar – these are, according to her, about Kirk returning to Enterprise in The Motion Picture, and her headcanons regarding Chekov post-TOS but before the movies, respectively. However it’s sort of hard to see the connection between those songs and Star Trek unless you know it’s there and know what it is. I think if you google her album “The Traveller” you should be able to find a PDF of a booklet containing her explanation of the creation of both those songs, as well as their lyrics?


@filkyeahfilk is there any Star Trek filk that comes to mind to you guys that I forgot to mention? I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something and anyway, you know these things better than I, so tagging you in case you want to add to the list 🙂

I’m so glad you thought of us!

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Takin’ Our Words Away – Tom Smith


This is a straight-up protest song, spurred by the Trump Administration’s decree that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are not allowed to use certain words in any documents pertaining to the agency’s budget ( ).

The ones in charge are livin large,
You might say they have a dream:
They rule the world, but still want all the money,
And no tactic’s too extreme.
They don’t care for our people or laws,
New outrages every day,
And just so you know, there’s a brand new low –
They’re taking our words away.

They make a big point of sayin’ this is just for
Discussion of the budget for the fiscal year.
But if they take one word, four words, seven words,
What makes you think that they’re gonna stop here?
Only allowed and approved information,
Even if it happens to be false and wrong
You think that chemistry, physics, biology,
You think the whole world is gonna go along?

The science doesn’t care,
The universe doesn’t care,
The government doesn’t care,
Where do we go from there?

Transgender fetus entitlement diversity vulnerable evidence- and science-based.
Not letting us discuss reality, keeping us ignorant, in our place.
Stay far away from the real agenda, cutting off our noses to spite their face.
Transgender fetus entitlement diversity vulnerable evidence- and science-based.

Takin’ our words away,
Takin’ our words away,
How long till there’s nothing left to say,
Takin’ our words away.

Denying science, ignoring evidence
Won’t make an oil pipeline un-spill.
Calling a fetus a baby doesn’t give it
Any health care when the mom falls ill.
Diversity just means people are different,
The great American melting pot,
Being transgender just means feeling in your
Heart that you’re something they say you’re not.

People moralize,
See through fanatic’s eyes,
Use God to bolster lies,
Why are you so surprised?

(transgender fetus entitlement diversity vulnerable evidence- and science-based)

Takin’ our words away,
Takin’ our words away,
How long till there’s nothing left to say,
Takin’ our words away.

Takin’ our words away,
Takin’ our words away,
How long till there’s nothing left to say,
Takin’ our words away.

All of the masters have brought disaster,
Listenin to the ravings of a crazy clown.
They’re already rich, so they think they
Deserve all the money that’s layin’ around.
Entitlement sounds like somethin’ for nothin’,
But all you’re entitled to is tricklin’ down.
They want to take We The People to the bathtub
And hold us under until we drown.

They tell you what to hate,
They tell you who to fear,
But I swear it’s not too late
To sing out loud and clear.

Transgender fetus entitlement diversity vulnerable evidence- and science-based,
Not letting us discuss reality, don’t let the opposition make their case.
Misogyny, bigotry, money, supremacy, all it’s gonna cost is the human race.
Transgender fetus entitlement diversity vulnerable evidence- and science-based.

Takin’ our words away,
Takin’ our words away,
How long till there’s nothing left to say,
Takin’ our words away.

Takin’ our words away,
Takin’ our words away,
Nothing left to say….

released February 4, 2018
image nicked from Science March Seattle,


307 Ale – Tom Smith

Three-Oh-Seven Ale, me lads, Three-Oh-Seven Ale,
The finest drink that any bar has ever had for sale,
It’ll lay your whole damn world to waste, it’ll make you fit and hale,
There’s nothing that you’ll ever taste like Three-Oh-Seven Ale, me lads,
Three-Oh-Seven Ale.

“307 Ale” is about beer brewed in a tesseract and was inspired by a licence plate that read 307 ALE.  If you happen to have a license number 307 ALE, Tom Smith will send you a free CD.

Rocket Ride – Tom Smith

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
Nothing worth doing that I haven’t tried.
There ain’t no living on planetside,
Come on with me, baby, on a rocket ride.

“Rocket Ride,” which Tom Smith wrote in a Hyatt food court before his concert at MarsCon 1994, inspired by the con’s theme for the year, which was “Retro SF.”

Rich Fantasy Lives – Rob Balder & Tom Smith

Rich fantasy lives.
Our peace-bonded knives and our hyperspace drives.
Until that steam engine to Hogwarts arrives,
We have rich fantasy lives.

I posted this ages ago, but at some point the link got hecked up, so here is it again.  “Rich Fantasy Lives,” by Rob Balder, performed by Rob Balder and Tom Smith.  Chords and lyrics available here.

The Ballad of Rupert – Tom Smith

“Not your father’s nonconformist-stands-tall song – at least, I don’t THINK so….”

I started listening to this fearing it might be hella transphobic, but it turns out it’s just kind of odd and nice, because it is, after all, a nonconformist-stands-tall song, just an unconventional one.  Three cheers for Rupert the Swishy!

5 Years – Tom Smith


5 Years (Babylon 5) by Tom Smith
Hot like Ivanova and Talia,
we’re gonna Draal ya,
and then we’ll kick a little Zathras.
Yesterday all the Narns were freed
but there’s still something keeping hold on Centauri.
We’ll get a room on Z’ha’dum,
the ship’ll zoom and then go BOOM (shakalaka)
‘cos there’s always one tomorrow.