307 Ale – Tom Smith

Three-Oh-Seven Ale, me lads, Three-Oh-Seven Ale,
The finest drink that any bar has ever had for sale,
It’ll lay your whole damn world to waste, it’ll make you fit and hale,
There’s nothing that you’ll ever taste like Three-Oh-Seven Ale, me lads,
Three-Oh-Seven Ale.

“307 Ale” is about beer brewed in a tesseract and was inspired by a licence plate that read 307 ALE.  If you happen to have a license number 307 ALE, Tom Smith will send you a free CD.

Rich Fantasy Lives – Rob Balder & Tom Smith

Rich fantasy lives.
Our peace-bonded knives and our hyperspace drives.
Until that steam engine to Hogwarts arrives,
We have rich fantasy lives.

I posted this ages ago, but at some point the link got hecked up, so here is it again.  “Rich Fantasy Lives,” by Rob Balder, performed by Rob Balder and Tom Smith.  Chords and lyrics available here.

5 Years – Tom Smith


5 Years (Babylon 5) by Tom Smith

Hot like Ivanova and Talia,
we’re gonna Draal ya,
and then we’ll kick a little Zathras.

Yesterday all the Narns were freed
but there’s still something keeping hold on Centauri.

We’ll get a room on Z’ha’dum,
the ship’ll zoom and then go BOOM (shakalaka)
‘cos there’s always one tomorrow.