Happy Moon Landing Anniversary!


“Hope Eyrie” by Leslie Fish, performed by Julia Ecklar.  Originally about the moon landing, but I think it suits current events as well.  It is a GOOD DAY to be HAPPY about SPACE.

Lyrics, chords, and a 4-part choral arrangement can be found here

Happy 50th anniversary of the moon landing, everyone!

Note: unfortunately the link above no longer works 🙁
Lyrics (without music) can now be found here.

Hope Eyrie – The Trubadors

“Hope Eyrie,” by Leslie Fish, performed by The Trubadors (Ayelet Dekel, Yannai Gonczarowski, and Roni Goren Ben-Zvi) at Yuri’s Night at Campus Tel-Aviv – a “World Space Party” celebrating human achievements in space.
…and I’m honestly so angry I didn’t know about this event earlier, so extra thanks to @nokama for submitting!  It’s held every April 12 (ish) in various locations worldwide.  Including Antarctica, apparently.