Yeah, Filk!

For space is wide and good friends are too few



Legends – Bill Roper

“Legends” by Bill Roper

Posting space songs for Philae!

Starships – Pentatonix

Pentatonix’s cover of Nikki Minaj’s “Starships,” inspired by the news about NASA a couple years back

Because reasons


(You know why.  Space songs for Philae)

Minus Ten and Counting – Leslie Fish & Arlin Robins

“Minus Ten and Counting” by Mercedes Lackey and Leslie Fish, performed by Leslie Fish and Arlin Robins

Space songs for Philae!

Toast for Unsung Heroes – Leslie Fish


“A Toast for Unsung Heroes” by Leslie Fish, performed by Fish, Julia Ecklar, and Doug Olsen, an iconic song about space travel.

You can probably make out the chords if you squint.

Bringing back some space songs for Philae!

Hope Eyrie – Julia Ecklar

“Hope Eyrie” by Leslie Fish, performed by Julia Ecklar.  Originally about the moon landing, but I think it suits current events as well.  It is a GOOD DAY to be HAPPY about SPACE.

Lyrics, chords, and a 4-part choral arrangement can be found here

Somebody Will – Sassafrass


Sassafrass’ “Somebody Will,” recorded by two members of the group.  There are about twenty members sometimes – go on YouTube and you can hear several permutations of personnel.

Song can be purchased and lyrics can be found here

Listen to this song when you want to get pumped to either do science or write fanfiction.  It’s kind of an updated version of “A Toast for Unsung Heroes.”

Bringing back some space songs in honor of the Philae mission!

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