Gilbert’s Greatsword – Annwn


Braw and bold, he went a-raiding;
stout and strong, he went to war.
Long his lady will be waiting;
Gilbert’s greatsword strikes no more.

Apparently, there was an SCA contest for best elegy, so Leigh Ann Hussey wrote a song for the “death” of a player in “Steal the Sheep” earlier that day, a game where teams compete to move a stuffed sheepskin across a field.
“Gilbert’s Greatsword,” or “Elegy for Gilbert de Langspee,” by Annwn.  The percussion on this is tabla, played by Aditya Gurajada.

The Bard’s Exhortation to the Salaryman – Annwn

“Come away to the hills:
come away where the wine of life distills,
to the healing of your heart’s ills
come away, come away.”

“The Bard’s Exhortation to the Salaryman,” by Annwn, which sounds like a serious song, but apparently, the singer wrote this to make fun of banjo player, because he had a real job and she didn’t.
This album, for a long time only available from a website with low-quality downloads, is now back in print!  It’s available on Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes, and all profits will go towards making more of Annwn’s music available.

Penguin Lust – Annwn

“This is the absolute truth. We used to play every Thursday at a bar in San Francisco. One of the hecklers there, our friend Chuck, used to ask (every week!) if we knew anything Irish. Then he got bored with that and began asking if we knew anything from Antarctica. One day Elton snapped and allowed as to how yes, we did know one. After which, of course, he had to back up that boast.“

“Penguin Lust,” by Annwn.  It’s…just about what it says it is.  Download and lyrics available here.

Seahaven – Annwn

 To the seahaven is a long, hard haul,
but I’ll leave soon as I may,
for I’m tired of treading the hard earth down
among land-loving sods who hide in towns
when tempest and wind make the breakers pound –
oh no, that is no life for me!

An SCA song Leigh Ann Hussey wrote for a friend, performed by Leigh Ann Hussey, Mark Ungar, and Elton of Annwn

Make it So – Annwn

The website claims “No, really, it’s not slash fiction about the decade’s favorite science fiction show. Honest.” but I…I don’t see what else it could be…

Performed by Mark Ungar, Leigh Ann Hussey, and Elton (as far as I can tell, he’s just called Elton)

Download link, lyircs, and more music available here

The Ballad of Idath's Ride – Leigh Ann Hussey

Suggested by animatedamerican, in honor of the late great Leigh Ann Hussey’s birthday
Lyrics and sheet music are in her songbook, chords here, and more music can be found at this website
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