Tatooine – Benjamin Newman

Raised on the desert, scoured by the sand
Sand so shifting you can’t make a stand
And the suns sink slowly ‘til they can’t be seen
Another bad season on Tatooine

“Tatooine,” a Luke Skywalker song by Benjamin Newman set to the tune of “Tillman Co.” by Dave Carter.

Chords, lyrics, and mp3 are all available on Ben’s website.

Tatooine – Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff

Broken down star drive,
Feelin’ lucky to be alive.
Thought that I’d give old Lando a call.
But Vader was waiting,
With Carbonite plating –
So now I’m right here decorating the wall.

“Tatooine,” a parody for Han Solo by Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff, featuring lead vocals by Kris Bohnhoff.

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.