Yeah, Filk!

For space is wide and good friends are too few



Time Will Tell – Jodi Krangle & co.


Jodi Krangle and her back up band perform Time Will Tell at OVFF 2015.

Impossible Dream (space version) – Marc Grossman

A space version of “The Impossible Dream” from The Man of La Mancha at OVFF 30

Thanks to sci-fantasy for identifying the singer (and lyricist) as Marc Grossman (with improvised accordion accompaniment was improvised by Gary Hanak)

My Brother My Enemy – Sassafrass

Sassafrass’ “My Brother My Enemy” at OVFF 30

For context, there were two people with pet snakes on the other side of the room, and the tall blonde one (person, not snake) is Loki and the shorter one (still person) is Odin.

Doctor Octopus – Ookla the Mok

Half of Ookla the Mok performing “Doctor Octopus” as OVFF 30, featuring Luke Ski, who didn’t really know the words, as Venom.

They’re Made Out of Meat – Kathleen Sloan

“Meat,” by Kathleen Sloan, based on the short story by the same name by Terry Bisson, performed by Kathleen Sloan and somebody whose name I don’t know who has been identified as probably Paul Kwinn by vagabondviolet at the 2014 Pegasus Awards concert, with sign language interpretation by Judi Miller.

Crossing the Streams – Copy Red Leader

Copy Red Leader performing their nerdbaiting song “Crossing the Streams” at OVFF 30

Sign language interpretation (visible about halfway through) by Judi Miller

Midichlorian Rhapsody – Jeff Bohnhoff & co.

Jeff Bohnhoff’s “Midichlorian Rhapsody” performed at OVFF ans winner of the 2014 Pegasus Award for Best Adapted Song

As one of the singers pointed out, “Queen doesn’t even perform this live.”  Filkers are not well known for this kind of achievement of actually rehearsing stuff.  Be impressed.

Lyrics here

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