Dawn Over September – Will Sturman


But the center is
here, this coal-fired heart
like a factory wants to make war

I want peace, I want
rest, but I’ll have it no more
Just one last dawn
over September

I finished listening to Friends at the Table: COUNTER/Weight just before #15DaysofFatT started, so naturally I went into a fugue state and wrote a 6 minute song about the final battle of the campaign for Day 15: Dawn

I’m not sure if this will mean anything to anyone who hasn’t listened to this podcast, but just close your eyes and think about off-brand Gundam, that should do it. And then consider yourself spoiled for the end of the season, but in the vaguest possible terms. Lyrics under the cut:

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Wanderer (Hymn to Fen’Harel) – Will Sturman


So a while ago I thought “I should write a song about Dragon Age, totally from scratch.”  And a little voice at the back of my mind said “write about Solas” and made this face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m calling this a hymn, but in truth I could just as easily call it “Solas, your head is so far up your ass Varric’s calling it a Deep Roads expedition, please stop.”

Come You Knights – Will Sturman


This is an old Star Wars filk song by Sheila Willis I’ve been saying I would re-record for a while now.  The only other recording I know of sounds like it was a good (probably better) performance, but it’s ancient, and the sound quality is kind of miserable.  It seemed like now was the time.
My hands got kind of confused toward the end, but I finished just before the phone rang, so I’m calling it a win.

The Silver Knight – Will Sturman


Another song you can find lyrics to in Dragon Age: Inquisition, this one about the conquest of the Dales (if you don’t play Dragon Age, that means it’s about KILLING ELVES, and that’s all the context you really need).  I may have come up with this tune at 2 AM in a hotel room at Dragon Con.
Credit to @sharkalanche, who was finishing her armor in that hotel room at Dragon Con and is the reason I didn’t just go the fuck to sleep, and @mostfacinorous, who still technically owns the mandolin I’ve been using.
The lyrics are here, and my chords are Em / D / Bm A / Bm Em
(I screw up the words at one point but YOU KNOW WHAT there are A LOT OF WORDS IN THIS)

Al Jabr – Will Sturman


So a while ago I wrote a filk song about a relatively unloved character in an obscure comic book, to the tune of the random folk song that was stuck in my head at the time, “The Lowlands of Holland.”  If you don’t know the song, it’s not relevant, but it’s a nice song.

…and then yesterday somebody left me alone in a recording studio.
Forgive my somewhat unsteady guitarring, and the fact that the scansion may or may not entirely hinge on a mispronunciation of one Arabic word.

Anyway, Al Jabr is the character sometimes referred to as “medieval Muslim Tony Stark,” this song is basically fanfic about what happens in the distant future when everyone on your superhero team but one is immortal.

The Last Centurion’s Song – Will Sturman

I got left alone in a recording studio last week, so I thought I’d do a recording of the Doctor Who song thebastardofgloucester and scribefindegil wrote, to the tune of Leslie Fish’s “Roman Centurion’s Song.”  Because it’s great and I want people to hear it.

Lyrics and a link to the original song here