Sura esha’lines eranain – rubesco


A Dalish lullaby I wrote. It uses the tune of Rozhinkes mit Mandlen, a Yiddish lullaby. I used Project Elvhen to construct the sentences (I’ll put my translation and explanation below the cut so people can have a go at translating it themselves if they want)


Sura esha’lin’es eranain
Gara eir’ne julseithe hallain.
Ane ne halla’amelan.
mar Ghilan’ain’es vallaslin.
Era, esha’lin.
Era, esha’lin.

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Sing Me The Chant – FeatherWriter


Had Hozier lived in Thedas, perhaps he would have written a song for blood mages in love, beneath the Chantry’s watchful gaze. A cover of “Take Me To Church” for the Dragon Age series.

Original Song: “Take Me To Church” by Hozier
Background Track: Michael Gaffney
Lyrics and Cover: FeatherWriter


My lover’s not hurtful
She’s a smile in the Circle
Her rivalry or her approval
Laid claim upon my soul
If a Herald ever did speak
She’s the Fade’s new mouthpiece
Every spell draining ‘til I’m weak
Cultivating her mystique
Power’s our curse
They say there’s none worse

Chantry offers no absolutes
Tells us worship our tormenters
The gilded cage that we’ve been sent to
Disappears when I’m with you
Pay your price quick
Can barely feel it
Enthralled beneath your spell

Amen, Amen, Amen

Sing me the chant
I’ll howl like a dog with each dissonant chord
I’ll smile as I burn, and you can sharpen your sword
Take from me this lifeless life
Oh, Maker, let this be my reward

Abominations of a new kind
Don’t let them come to light
Hold the secrets deep inside
Paint your lips with perfect lies
Forget what they teach
Embrace the Fade’s reach

No more wasting our potential
Bare your soul to the essential
Why hold back if we’re able?
Binding demons into faithful
Let the veins bleed
Raise a new creed
Bless this holy work


No passions or fear when the ritual begins
There is no sweeter innocence than our desperate sin
In the shadow and blood of that sad, fallen scene
Only then I’m made human, only then I am clean

Amen, Amen, Amen


Let Me Go – Hannah M.


New song. And not TF2 filk this time! …Instead it’s Dragon Age II filk. Big difference. You can still enjoy it if you don’t play the game though.
I’m sorry, but Isabella is just too much of a BAMF to not have a song full of sexy sailing double entendres written about her.
Let Me Go © Hannah M./PhemieC/Hamsters 2011.

Give me a deep blue ocean

And an open sky

The fickle kiss of lady-luck

and forget father time

Give me a challenge

give me a ‘x’ to find

I will spend my days in salty sprays

of every kind

And if you want me then you’d better be a pirate

You have this look, I’m hooked, I’m pretty sure I like it

But I won’t be here forever

I’m a storm that can’t be weathered

A ship to which no port is tethered and

you’ll never have better

So let me go

I’ll come back running, if the sea says so

Let me go

And you’ll see me running to the sea shells, oh.

Be my first mate

Oh I can’t wait for you to let me go


Give me a laugh, lover

Give me a good tease

I’m more impressed by cleverness

than morality

So find a me a ship in a bottle

or a bottle of any kind

I will spend my days in wild ways

Until I go blind

And if you want me then you better be a scoundrel

I’ve got no time for little dogs that run around going

faster just to chase me

I prefer the other way, see

I like a little play

But at the end of the day you’ll have to

Let me go

I’ll come back running, if the sea says so

Let me go

And you’ll see me running to the sea shells, oh.

Be my first mate

oh, I can’t wait

for you to get with me

Maybe I’m shallow

But I’m not empty

I’m easy to catch, not to easy to keep

But I could drown in your eyes

They’re so and blue and deep

And I’m off to discover a land like no other

Your hand’s on my wheel, in command of your rudder

Love is a tempest, it’s wild but it passes

Love me like the ocean, endless and vast

Let me go…

Let me go…

Wanderer (Hymn to Fen’Harel) – Will Sturman


So a while ago I thought “I should write a song about Dragon Age, totally from scratch.”  And a little voice at the back of my mind said “write about Solas” and made this face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m calling this a hymn, but in truth I could just as easily call it “Solas, your head is so far up your ass Varric’s calling it a Deep Roads expedition, please stop.”

The Girl in Red Crossing – Ingrid Windsland


Cosplaying Maryden Halewell (the tavern bard from Dragon Age Inquisition) makes me want to sing ALL the songs, but some of them don’t have melodies, which means I have to make melodies for them myself. 😉
This one is The Girl in Red Crossing. Hope you like it! ^_^

The Silver Knight – Will Sturman


Another song you can find lyrics to in Dragon Age: Inquisition, this one about the conquest of the Dales (if you don’t play Dragon Age, that means it’s about KILLING ELVES, and that’s all the context you really need).  I may have come up with this tune at 2 AM in a hotel room at Dragon Con.
Credit to @sharkalanche, who was finishing her armor in that hotel room at Dragon Con and is the reason I didn’t just go the fuck to sleep, and @mostfacinorous, who still technically owns the mandolin I’ve been using.
The lyrics are here, and my chords are Em / D / Bm A / Bm Em
(I screw up the words at one point but YOU KNOW WHAT there are A LOT OF WORDS IN THIS)

Fair Leandra – hornkerling


Liadan is ten, and her mother is laughing. It’s a loud laugh, even with Da’s shoulder in the way as he spins her around, big hands on her back, big voice filling their kitchen.

Bethany squirms in Liadan’s grasp, kicking at her ankles and glaring when her big sister does not move. Her grip is practiced and one-armed, the other slung more gently about Carver’s sleepier, sturdier shoulders.

Liadan knows what Bethy wants to do. She wants to run to their parents, join in the silly dance. A part of Liadan does, too, but Ma doesn’t laugh well with a big audience, and she worries that if they step too close the tune will stop, and they’ll start worrying again about the new mage lights Bethany makes when she sleeps, and how much flour they have, and whether it’ll last. So Liadan holds her siblings back, and hums along at a distance.

Her father has a hand cupping Leandra’s cheek, his thumb brushing just under her eye, and he’s singing the song he made up—the long one, the silly one with words that don’t quite sit—and Ma joins in with small, breathless snatches. shaking her head as Da sings about how lovely they were, in a place Liadan has never seen.

A damsel possessed of great beauty,
As she stood at her own father’s gate
Oh, the mages there did their duty;
To view them this maiden did wait.
Their gifts were far grander than dancing,
Their enchantments shone like a star.
And as they worked did come advancing,
A fate for the fair Leandra

With their sashes hung o’er their shoulders,
How careless they seemed for to ride.
And warlike appeared this young mage boy
With his glittering staff by his side.
To the Gallows next morning so early
This damsel she went so far
Because she loved him sincerely
Young Malcom fit fair Leandra.

Oh, as she conversed with the mages,
These words she was heard for to say,
“Oh I’ve a heart no one bolder,
To follow my laddie away.”
“Well come, come,” says Malcom, ”be steady
And think of the dangers of war.
An apostate’s life is not the kind one,
Wed me not, fair Leandra.”

“Your parents, you’re bound for to mind them
Or else you are for ever undone.
They will leave you no portion behind them,
So I pray you my company shun.”
Says she, “If you will be true-hearted
I have gold at brother’s in store.
And from now we no more will be parted,
I will be your fair Leandra.”

As he gazed on her beautiful features
Oh, the tears they did fall from each eye.
“I will wed with this beautiful creature
And shun cruel wars,” he did cry.
So now they’re united together,
And think of them where they’re afar,
Maker bless now and for ever,
Young Malcom and fair Leandra.

Free – Hannah M.


So…I wrote some more Dragon Age Filk. I’m not a huge fan of this recording but I’ll probably never re-record it as for now I’m moved on to other fandoms. So I might as well post it, especially seeing as I never post any original content lately.
Fenris/Hawke schmoop. Fenris POV.
Free © Hannah M./PhemieC/Hamsters etc…
Heaven’s for a slave, you obey and behave
but I am a free man, now
and I act for no hand, follow no command but one.

Hell’s for a slaver, a cruel dominator
but I couldn’t care anyhow
Where he is going it’s only worth knowing he’s gone

and I’m lost in a heart that is breaking open slowly like an egg, newborn and ready to feed
begging through a crying mouth, and an aching jaw

When you asked me to stay
was a slave what you saw?

I thought I could have it all
I thought for a second I could have it all

In a house that’s not mine you will find me
standing alone
All this time in this place, all the years I have chased, how I tried

In a room that is yours, you of course would
welcome me into your home
But why would you want to let someone like me inside?

and I’m found in a city that feels, isn’t that strange? Haven’t I pushed myself close
enough to the edge with my fears, my regrets and my rage, chasing ghosts?

Did you think I’d give in
to my skin, the pathways that call?

Someday I will give you my all
I promise you, someday, I will give you it all.

And I swear by the maker, by the hand of fate if fate exists
You were waiting just for me, in the clearing of that alienage
I will follow you downward, through death if it’s required
and through worse if that’s required too
I’m free, but I belong to you

In the back of a bar, I saw a part
of a life that I wanted to know
But nothing is free from the stain on my heart and my soul.

Behind wine covered walls you answered my call
Sometimes I’m not sure why you bother’d at all.
I apologized for all of my lies and my faults.

And I’m cut from the cord of destruction and given to love, illiterate, angry and pained
Who knew I’d acquire a taste for the life lived unchained?

When you asked me to stay,
When you touched me that way, I thought I saw…
I think we can have it all.