Everybody Dies – The PDX Broadsides

I love to watch my Game of Thrones – by far my favorite show
But if you haven’t seen it and know nothing like Jon Snow
I’m happy to give you some pointers
Game rules, as it were
The first thing that you really ought to know… 

“Everybody Dies” by the PDX Broadsides, a remarkably concise summary of the HBO series.

Lyrics available on Bandcamp.

Across the Water – Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters

so I’ll see you across the water
still the one & still my daughter
still you grow
& your list is getting shorter
& it’s you who gave the order for you know
all men must die

“Across the Water,” a song for Arya Stark by Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters.  I got to hear this live last year at a hotel room party (the way it’s meant to be heard), and let me tell you, the outro is a very good time if you’ve got a receptive audience.

Sansa's Hymn


 In Game of Thrones, Sansa sings a beautiful song in season two. I have found an awesome version made by Letomi :

 ” It’s a hymn from the sept that she first sings before a great battle is fought and she sings it again later to the Hound […] before he vanishes. I wanted to put melody to the song and also capture both occurances within the same song.

The Rains of Castamere – Game of Thrones


The Rains of Castamere (A Song Of Ice And Fire/Game of Thrones)
Posting this is much easier than trying to explain what “Filk” is to people
I mean, as soon as I hear they were making a show of ASOIAF I was like, “OMG There going to be so much filk they’ll have to write
It’s impossible to explain what Filk is to people who don’t read fantasy.
The Rains of Castamere was (in the books) a song commissioned by Tywin Lannister to commemorate the utter annihilation of some family that rose up against house Lannister a few decades before the events in ASOIAF. So basically, in order for it to be in the show they have to hire musicians to make it a real song.
BONUS: Bronn singing The Rains of Castmere Before The Battle of Blackwater