Ship of Stone – Araxie Haldane (originally by Don Simpson)


My voice is dying and my fingers are sore, but I’ll leave you with this one. It’s one of those poignant space songs that filk is known for, and it makes me remember the good things about humanity.

Lucifer – Leslie Fish

Let me teach you to wonder and worry.
Permit me to tell you how to wage war.
A creature’s reach should exceed its grasp,
Or what’s a heaven for?

Hey, remember when I posted this song under the wrong name for no good reason?  That was a good time.
“Lucifer,” by Don Simpson, sung by Leslie Fish.

Ship of Stone – Don Simpson

“Ship of Stone,” by Don Simpson, actually one of the best songs ever written and I will fight you, sung by an unknown vocalist at the 1986 Worldcon.
Hear it with Steve Savitzky on guitar and vocals and Callie Hills on flute here, recorded at Baycon 2006.
LYRICS AND CHORDS HERE!  You have no idea how long it took me to find these chords; I’m so happy now.