Yeah, Filk!

For space is wide and good friends are too few



Never Set the Cat on Fire – Frank Hayes

Never set the cat on fire, you only will annoy it
The flames will make the beast perspire; it surely won’t enjoy it 

“Never Set the Cat on Fire” by Frank Hayes, a classic filk that goes in a much different direction than you’d expect it to.

Lyrics with chords available here.

Belling the Cat – Talis Kimberley

Everymouse knows, everymouse knows
Let the bravest mice bell him so everymouse knows.

“Belling the Cat,” by Talis Kimberley

There are a surprising number of songs by filkers about cats and/or mice.  This one’s a metaphor.


“Kraken/Kitten” by Leslie Fish and Don Simpson, sung by Leslie Fish

Presumably the first half was written separately, but this is still one of the only songs I know that manages to parody itself

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